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Diablo mag vs. Agent 100... with freak toes...

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After much exhaustive research and lots of thinking, I've narrowed my boot replacement choices down to the Tecnica Diablo Magnesium Ultrafit and the Tecnica Agent 100.

My feet are pretty straightforward, except my second toe sticks out past my big toe and gets really abused when I start catching any kind of air, which is something I'm working on so it's a rather big concern of mine at this point. Most of the time I go big I end up with reeeeeally sore toenails and have even had one peeled back a bit- not cool.

Now, can someone who has tried both boots describe the difference in fit and performance to me in layman's terms? I've found out that the Mag has a larger toebox, but that the Agent has a "special" shock-absorbing footbed. Both have a flex index of 100, which is perfect, but what differences are there in actual usage of the boot? Also, would the Mag have an advantage for me with the extra room up front or should I get the Agent and take advantage of the shock absorbtion and let the bootfitter worry about my freak toes?

Just looking for someone who knows what they're talking about to talk some sense to me. Yeah, I know the Agent is hideous and I hate plaid too, but function and fit are most important to me so I could care less. I've brought this as far as I care to without an expert's opinion, so thank you in advance for your thought and consideration!
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Assuming that you have tried on both boots, can you tell any difference between them?

Real differences are rubberized bootboard vs. hard bootboard.

Shell is the same, liner has minor difference, however can only be detected by humans having dog hearing. And the Magnesium has a $100.00 greater suggested retail price then the Agent.

Strongly suggest you make this purchase based on cosmetics and price, 'cause there is not any difference in fit or performance.

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What Jim says. This is a typical case of two identical boots with different cosmetics to market to two different groups of skiers.

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just stepping away from the question but raising another point you made.... your toes get really bruised, is this because the boot is short and you need to have a spot of stretchin done in the toe box or is th boot long/ or does it have too much volume which is causing you to slide forward and bruise the toe.... if this is the case should you not be looking at different models??
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Gotcha- yeah I figured they were pretty much the same, I couldn't tell the difference in fit when trying 'em on, I was just wondering if there was an intelligible difference during actual use. As far as the fit, my old boot is very snug- too much volume is definately not the problem- and my feet are fine all day except when I start catching air, the impact of the hard landings seem to mash my long toe into the front of the boot... I'd say that it probably needs some stretching for the freak toe... But either way, yes this is why I'm looking for a new boot- the old ones just weren't cutting it anymore. Like I said, great for cruising around but the second I started going big, ouch ouch ouch... thanks for the clarification guys- your expertise will probably end up saving me some moolah!
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