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2008 RX8's

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Hi folks

Have been reading the previous Fischer RX8 reviews over the last couple of days and am very keen on getting a pair ASAP to replace my Kneissl Super Cuts.
A question tho: the RX8's are undoubtedly a very good ski based on the earlier reviews but has the construction changed? Is there anybody out there skiing the 2008 version?
I am 6', 176lbs and am looking at trying to get hold of a pair of 165's.

Thanks in advance
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I have last years RX8 and think this years is similar, but not exactly the same. At your size I would go 170, not 165. I'm 6' and 185 and ski the 170. If I had it to do over again I would have gone with the 175. 170 is very fun, but it wants to do short turns most of the time and can get tiring by the end of the day.

Good luck with the search.

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I haved skied the last 3 versions of the RX8, and only change that I know of is graphics. I am 155 lbs and 5'8", and ski the 165. I would recommend a longer ski, 170 minimum for your stats. It is a great ski!!!!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by barrettscv View Post
Sorry, we are sold out. If you can't find them, don't be in a hurry, because the new Progressor 8+ is basically replacing that ski for 2009, and the Progressor is a better ski, IMO. I would buy a pair for shorter turn, all-mountain skiing. It has the versatility that the current Progressor (next year's 9+) lacks. If that fails, the current Dynastar Contact 10 is worth checking out (I think it is called the 9 for next year, as this year's Ltd. becomes next year's 10). Confusing-I wish these marketing types could get their names consistent from year to year
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Let's not forget that the current Limited was called the Contact 11 last year. So next years 10 was the 11 last year but why should we be "Limited" by a name. Geez!
This is why consumers need a guy like Scott. Do you think the average employee in a ski shop has any clue as to the designations and their history?
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I too am looking at purchasing some RX8's for next season. I'm 5'10" and average around 190. I'm a level 9 skiier who skis with the family and I want something to rip on the front side groomers. I plan to keep my 10-year old X-Screams for everything else.

This thread has brought up a question regarding length. The recommendation for a taller but lighter skier is to go with a 170 or 175 cm ski. I am specifically looking for a sub 12m radius ski. I know the shorter length requires better fore-aft balance but I don't have that problem too often. That said, is there any reason I shouldn't get a 165cm RX8?
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TM, I think either 165 or 170 would be fine in your case.
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You won't have any problems getting a 170 RX8 to make small turns.

I have the 170 and would have gone 175 if I had it to do over again because I would like to be able to do larger turns more easilyon my RX8s as well. Can do them on the 170, but they really prefer to do short turns.

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I have the 170 and would not go smaller. The 170's will be a bit more versatile and stable. I also own the 175 and they are much more stable than the 170.

I think the ony difference between the 07 and 08 was just a bit smaller waist (65 vs 66)

They will also make the RX Fire 8 for 09.

The progressor 8 had pretty much the same turning radius but is a wider ski overall 120-72-103. Based on the construction, I would say that the Fire 8 will be a bit easier to ski over the Progressor 8. Just my opinion though.

Have any of the ski reps been on the new Progressor 8?
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I am a huge fan of this ski, one of the "cult following" of it!
I would also suggest 170.
Ski Depot has 08 RX8s on their website for $599. as of today.

I don't consider these to be an all around, all mountain ski, and would suggest you look at something else for crud, or over 6 inches of fresh snow, etc. Maybe a pair of Cold Heats for your second ski might be good.
However, for firm snow carving, I think you'll fall in love with the RX8s. Everything good you've heard about them is all true.
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