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Happy Birthday, Batgirl

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It's not until tomorrow, but it never hurts to be early. What country are you in today?

Happy Birthday to my special friend.

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To wash that down, you'll need

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Many happy turns on the day!
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Birthday greetings. ... and many more.

Yunz guys goin' ta Tucks? Ask that gimpy old man of yours. How'ed he do dat anyways?
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Thank you all for the very kind wishes. I am finally back in the U.S. of A. Birthday was spent in the U.A.E. before leaving VERY early in the morning on the 16th for Vienna. Had myself a slice of birthday cake at Demel's by the Hofberg. YUM!

LHC, I've been asked about Tucks, but as I just got back from one trip, I'm not quite ready to contemplate another. I'm just going to enjoy being at my own place, sleeping in my own bed again for awhile. We'll have to get back to you on that one. Are you going to be there? It'll be extra incentive to get us there if you are. Bonni, would you and Jeff be able to come up as well?
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The question is: Will I have a LEG to stand on? Tee hee.
No hiking for this girl for a while. I'm supposed to be just off crutches this week.

I will have a bed for you and Peej if you need one, either on the way up, or down. It's quite a haul up theah from heah.
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Got floor space for me and Marcus?
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Check your PM.
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