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watea 84 legend 8000 mythic rider

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In the market for a new pair. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Me: 6'0 150lb. 47 yo.male Consider myself an advanced skier. Comfortable on all groomed terrain, especially like the blacks at Snowbird when buffed out. Comfortable in but do not own fresh powder when I have the chance to actually ski it. Same is true of the day old stuff and other assorted crud.

Where I ski: At least one trip a season to Utah. Usually Alta hiking to the High traverse, Catherine's, Devil's Castle etc. Again, I don't "own" these areas, but I am improving and really enjoy the challenges of variable snow. I'll break up my day with some general blue cruising as well.

If I'm lucky and conditions look good, an early April trip to Colorado, usually WP or Copper. On rare occasions, a trip to VT while out there visiting family. I live in the midwest and sometimes will head up to Michigan to ski for a weekend, all groomed all the time.

For the record, I don't like moguls and will only ski them on rare occasions.

My equipment: 03/04 Dynastar Intuitiv 74 182. I like the stability of the ski and it's seemingly beefy character. I demoed some X wings last year, and even at my slight weight, they seemed too light to me. I've pretty much been on Dynastars as long as I've been skiing, around 25 yrs now.

My main concern is what length might be best for me. I like the 182 I'm on now, yet from what research I've done, it seems my weight doesn't justify a ski of that length. The ski I choose will also be my only ski. I don't ski enough or have a wife understanding enough to allow me more than 1 pair. Thus the one ski quiver. I saw Sierra Jim has the wateas on the board. Please share your wisdom. Thanks
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I would recommend the Watea 84 in a 176cm.

I had a pair of '74s in a 182cm. That ski is way too long for a 150 lbs skier. You will find the '84 in a 176cm to be much easier to use.

The Fischer will have a light-n-lively feel that will be a change to the damp-and-stable feel of the Dynastar.

Can you demo first?

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I am also the same weight at 150lb and ski mostly in the East. Sounds like our terrain preferences and skills are similar: good on the groomed but trying to improve in ungroomed conditions and off-piste.

I have not tried the Wateas but would suggest that if you like your skis to feel damp and stable that you look at the Head Monster iM82. I ski them in 172cm and have been very, very happy with them as a one-ski quiver for a lightweight skier. I have found that skis at 88mm and above get slower edge-to-edge on the groomed. The iM82s aren't as quick as my 65mm-waisted Dynastar Omecarve 9s but are surprisingly close. Edge hold is outstanding. They are damp but not at all unpleasantly so. They will respond nicely to skier input and can be skied at slow speeds. At your weight, the 82mm waist gives decent float in new snow--have taken them into 8-12" of new snow and cut-up snow, but have not tried them in deep powder.

If you like Dynastar, you should also look at the Legend 8000 and the Mythic Rider. I have not skied the latter, but have demoed the Legend 8000 a few times. I would say that the iM82 isn't as lively as the 8000 but on the other hand, much more stable in the crud and much better edgehold (though the 8000 is no slouch).

I would say that bumps are a weakness of the iM82 as they are fairly stiff, but that is not a problem for you.
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Since you like Dynastars stay with them.

The Legend 8K is a descendent of the Intuitiv 74, which was a mighty fine ski in its day. You will notice a lot of similarities - that special Dynastar feel, easy to turn, stable, smooth, and let's you ski the way you want to. If you want a newer version of the 74, get the 8K. It is wider at the waist. For your weight and level of experience, 172 or 178 will work.

Why not get the Mythic Rider and keep the Intuitiv 74. The MR will give you a little more of what you're looking for when you catch a powder day and you can continue to ski the 74 on the days when it will be the better choice. The MR in 172 would be good and it will also perform well in the conditions you ski as the 74 has.
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thanks for the input. Sierra Jim made the decision easier by his latest MR system offering. I went with the 172's.
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