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Originally Posted by DoWork View Post
Dude, V1s are great and there's no better detector, but it's still no match for the instant on laser.
I'm well aware of that, but it still would have helped the driver Yuki was talking about.
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Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post
I'm tellin' ya.........
It has something to do with getting the speeding ticket money, but it also has a bunch to do with the increase in ski gear thefts!
If they can get you for speeding and happen to see a bunch of excess ski gear,..........you know
I, for one am glad they are on the look out for the extra gear. If you've ever had anything stolen, you know what I mean.
I'm trying to wrap my hands around how they can tell what is stolen during a routine traffic stop. I usually travel with at least three pair of skis, two sets of poles, etc for just me. Are they gonna make me dig out my boots and make sure they all fit: I could see if someone has 20 pairs of skis they might get suspicious (I've heard some others have rather large quivers they take along too. But,cops are far more likely to catch one of the dozens and dozens of people with an open bottle or some other controlled substance than the one person a week that takes a motherload of skis from the rack.
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i think it has everything to do w/ ticket quotas. End of ski season and last chance to close those budget gaps. I think they are looking for out of state plates.

I am all for safe driving and respect for the law but I got caught twice in VT under dubious circumstances so I am a little biased.....
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Nose of patrol car sticking out instead of parallel?
Probably I bet it's a safety issue. People may be far more likely to actually notice a car on the side that's poking out than one that's just parallel. So it's just a guess, but maybe it's so they're less likely to get hit? (which happens all the time)

One place I've consistently noted speed traps on I91 south:
Going into Mass. before the first exit. You're sort of in an open area and you start to go around a loong right turn that's very big radius. Towards the end of that turn there is an overpass road bridge. Right at that bridge they like to hide though sometimes they're in plain site with the handheld. Should note the mile marker. Saw them there again this week.
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