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I was thinking that saying very loudly in the lift "Gee, that can of beans was really tasty last night" would do the trick.
Lemme see here, in buying one lift ticket you've paid for one seat on the lift. If you're that uptight maybe you should buy two tickets to ride doubles by yourself, or if you're skiing with a buddy and want the quad to yourself, just buy two lift tickets each. That would be freakin awesome!:
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I was trying to humorously suggest that uptight people who don't want anyone near them say this. They won't have anyone near them in the liftline or on the lift. Possibly even their highly embarassed S.O.

I don't care who or what I ride up with. I generally don't care for rude or selfish people in any situation.
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Of course. Anybody that would actualy buy two lift tickets to avoid personal contact with "the world" has got to be a complete deuchbag! One that would think it was freakin awesome to do that and take up 6 spaces with their hummer leaving it running in the parking lot locked up blasting horrible music just to keep it warm while they "ski".

That Jeff Gulia character in "The Wedding Singer" comes to mind here
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