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Hey everyone, i d like to point out, that french docs just released the results of a study, whereby they treated patients in the middle age with a complet acl tear by immobilizing the hurt knee immediatelly in a 30 dégree angle for 6 weeks under a protocol called 'Nollet' i post a link here, but its in french. Results; over 84% of success in spontaneous healing of acl!! Now isnt it worth trying especially that it is so cost effective compared to surgery?!section=8339252&item=7675845

I suppose it is possible.  My surgeon said (when looking at the MRI) that the stub of my ACL may have healed (weakly) onto the side an adjacent ligament.  I didn't think to ask after the surgery if it had in fact.  Seems like you would still like a quick mini surgery (I know, no such thing) to mush the ends together in the right way.


In any case, this protocol isn't going to help us stubborn mules who ski another couple years before we admit something is wrong.