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Some pics I took while at Alta...

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Currently on vacation in Utah where dream like skiing conditions are a reality [img]smile.gif[/img] Spent the last two days at Alta (my first time there!) I fell in love with it! Snowbird is also nice but I like Alta better. Tomorrow will be Brighton or Solitude. Will do Park City over the weekend and then… back to reality, back on the plane heading to NYC (I’d rather not!).

For those who will stay with Extended Stay America ; I find the pace very nice and comfortable and you simply cannot beat the price. The kitchen is equipped with mostly everything you need but if you plan to sleep more than 2 people per room bring some microwave safe tableware. The drive to Alta/Snowbird is really easy and short. There’re buses going right up the mountain if you choose not to drive.

Speaking of 4WD vehicles; we had lots of snow and wind on our first day on the slopes on Wed. If you have a good set of winter tires then you’ll make it up the canyon. It’s easier and safer if your vehicle is equipped with 4WD feature.

I booked my car with Hertz; they have this special upgrade offer where for only $15 more a day you can upgrade to a Subaru 4WD wagon. I’m sure the offer is still valid; if you already made your reservation I’m sure you can upgrade it over the phone. Driving a Subaru 4WD is really worth it especially if it’s snowing a lot. The grand total including everything (7 day rental) was $320 including the upgrade of course.

I put together a little web page. My brother kept shootin’ his camera. We had a really nice time yesterday skiing Alta. Hope you enjoy them…

Alta 01.08.04

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I did enjoy them. Thanks. Find yourself enjoying any particular chair at Alta more than the others?
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Hi Ryan!

That would be Sugarloaf. Some of the lifts were closed due to technical problems (I think) so I had to really plan my trip to the summit. Another thing I noticed – my instructor and I took a ride to the top then looked at the map posted there for a quick itinerary back to the base. He goes “ well, we’ll go down my way but don’t look on the map because that trail ain’t there…” Me thought, “if it’s not on the map then where the heck is it supposed to be?” Me coming from East where EVERY trail is marked and accounted for leaving the quest for discovery to birds.

It’s nice… Looking out my window and it seems like another perfect blue sky, skiing day. Got a late start this morning because of the fog which btw will be the morning call of (it looks like it) every day.

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Awesome, conditions looked superb.
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Great pics - thanks.
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Hey Euclide! I was there on the 9th and it was my first visit to Alta. Needless to say that place is awesome! I didn't do anything particularly hard core but I loved the terrain. It reminded me a little of Squaw. My first ever Utah skiing experience on the whole was fantastic. Great pics! Definitely going to return in the near future! Take care!
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