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Lange 120WC Fit

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Currently skiing in some L10ACD's that are in need of retirement. Does anyone have any information if the fit of the new Lange 120 is similar to the L10ACD. The L10 really fit my feet well and I love the way they ski. I know that I will have to try them on my self, just curious if anyone knows if the fit is the same.
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Well the ACD means that in the foot the boot is 4%wider than the Worldcupmodel. So the already narrow Lange will get even narrower if you move up to the WC-Model. The Flex will get stiffer 90-->120. But this won't be much of a problem as the L10-ACD is a nice and soft imho so a little bit stiffer won't hurt. But the L10-ACD is a great boot (Bought a pair last week and they ski lots better than my old boots). I would only move up to the WC model if i had to do some serious racing.
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First, I believe the 120 model is the "Comp" and is comparable to the old non-race L10. I think the race version is the 130 WC.

Regardless, are you sure the flex index for the new Langes are comparable to the index for the older shells?

I just read the reviews for the new shell (120 Comp & 130 WC) and old shell (110 and 100 Banshee) in SKI's September issue. Common comment was that the boots were possibly too soft.

I don't recall a SKI / SKIING buying guide ever commenting that the old L10 (non-race) was ever cushy or soft for all-mountain or freeride skiing.

I may be wrong but it seems that the index has been reset for 2003 for both old and new shells.

As an L10 owner seriously considering a new Lange, I would like to hear if anyone has any confirmed facts on this.

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