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A little MA, please

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OMG, Do ya suppose someone loosened the din on his heelpeices?
My signature says it all
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Okay so the jump look nice but you have to train that trick you do afterwards, that many front flips might be harmful..
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no retention devises on the skis??? for shame.
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First off - you have good rhythm and show a good deal of flexibility. Not knowing what it is you were trying to do on that run makes it hard to give you MA.

What I'd like you to work on is trying to not be so far forward. In addition I see very little ankle flexion, particularly in the top 1/3 of each flip.

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Originally Posted by Philpug View Post
no retention devises on the skis??? for shame.
I think he need a retention device on his jacket.
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I agree with SMJ's analysis, the skier is a little forward in the landing.

What I'm most impressed with though, is how fluidly & quickly he moves to switch toward the completion of the tumbling exercise . All this with the hoody obscuring his view!


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Just made my day!!
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First, I believe the sleeve retaining devices at the cuffs of the jacket were a little tight. The jacket should have flown off vertically at the second flip. It would have shown better preparation for the move.

Second, the legs should have been straighter at the finish. As it was he did not properly stick the landing.

Third, during the first rotation after landing, the head moved slightly off center spoiling the look of the all important first rotation.

Fourth, the released skis did not zoom down the hill in unison. It appears the the right ski was leading by about five ski lengths.

All in all, the judge from New Hampshire gives it 5.9 for difficulty, 5.8 for execution, and 6.0 for originality.

Oh! What's that? You mean he didn't mean to do that....... Never mind.

With that rotational speed, I wonder if he saw the world spinning or if it was all just one big white blur. He must have been digging snow out of every crevasse of his body for a week after that one.
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