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aspencomplex or bigsky or sunvalley

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for a skiier (advanced-prefers non bumps)who skis all trails at stratton vt.(I enjoy the trails,no woods)would you recommend a trip to aspencomplex(4 mts.),bigsky complex, or sunvalley? definately prefer cruising/carving?.thanks.(p.s.-this would be a winter time trip)
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I just made my first trip to Big Sky, and loved it. However, it seems to me that it is primarily an off-piste locale. Never skied Sun Valley, so cannot guide you there. Aspen has tons of excellent groomers. It also has tons of great off-piste skiing. You might find that you would like the opportunity to explore the ungroomed, so Aspen might be a great choice.


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All good choices but an advanced intermediate that like cruising and carving sounds like a perfect fit for Sun Valley. The only caveat with Sun Valley is the snow.
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Never been to Sun Valley, own property at, and love Big Sky, but I'd recommend Aspen.
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If cruising and carving is your preference, Sun Valley is your place!

Tons of snowmaking on the mountain and the weather? Well they don't call it Sun Valley for nuthin'!

Check out Midweek Madness at the Sun Valley lodge. You may have to call the lodge, it is so cheap they don't promote it and find out what dates apply.

Last time I went a King deluxe room at The Sun valley Lodge and 8 lift tickets (4 days of skiing for 2) was $800.00. If you fly into Hailey, they will pick you up at the airport and once there, free shuttles to the mountain and free buses all over town that run every 15-20 minutes all day & night.

If you don't care about a deal our other favorite place to stay that is absolutely fabulous is The Knob Hill Inn. Owned by an Austrian gentleman, breakfast included all homemade fresh European pastries and daily specialties plus an amazing restaurant for dineer!

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Don't know Sun Valley.
As for Aspen or Big Sky...
Well it really depends on what you want.
The simple answer is go to Aspen/Snowmass. It's got a lot for skiing (basically everything) and much more in terms of town/shops even if you stay in Snowmass. There's many bumps there though, esp. Aspen.

If you want to explore the world of steep skiing without hiking...go to Big Sky. You should take lessons or get guide though. The steeps are not like they are at Stratton. They are actually steep and loong. Also, much steeps without bumps.
But at Big Sky you give up a lot in terms of restaurants/town. The word "complex" applies to Aspen/Highlands/Buttermilk/Snowmass. It does not apply to Big Sky.

Having said all that I suspect Sun Valley is really the place for you. The "no woods" and no bumps are probably the tip off.

I suppose one could wait till the snow patterns emerge and then make a decision.
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Deer Valley would be a better choice
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Big Sky -- For years was known as an intermediate skiiers heaven (lots of smooth open (no crowds) carving runs. However, the addition of the tram, and a couple other lifts (and the Moonlight area) it has added both lift served and hike to steep terrain.

Can be cold, very little night life, doesn't get a lot of snow, but when it does the lack of crowds means it lasts a long time.
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