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Lange boots

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So, I send my high school sophmore on a trip to New York City with the school band and he comes back with a pair of Lange L10 Team boots. He bought them at a shop that was going out of business for $20. I am curious what level boots these are. They are marked ACD - medium fit. There is no adjustable cuff cant. If anyone can give me any feedback, I would appreciate it. Thanks.

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These are likely junior boots (L10 Team with no cuff alignment). Worth about $250 new. Quite soft, designed for K1 (11-12 year old) athletes.

Shell size (stamped on bottom between heel and toe lug)?
Boot sole length (in mm stamped on lateral heel lug)?
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for $20 is they fit correct (are not too big) and flex right (are not too soft)
great deal.
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Shell size = 8
Sole length = 305mm

I had a hunch these may be juniors. I think they may work well for my wife as she is a high beginner or a low intermediate and needs more flex. Thanks for the responses.

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