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Longest it has ever taken

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Hey guys how goes it? The season lurks around the corner. I just couldn't get into the ski thing yet but I made a trip back from from the BC interior on Sat. and ended up driving most of it in a snow storm (huge dump between Kicking Horse and Louise). I think it kicked in after that and winterizing the boat, plus the Sugar Daddy's are calling out my name. Looks like we have some new members and a few changes , looks good.
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Well after the season that you had last year it is not surprising that it has taken so long. Just think of it as the result of a good, long and satisfying last season. The first flakes won’t fly here for at least another month but with all of the news of early snow coming out of the west I am starting to get that itch.

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I will confirm that snow report. On my way to the OK valley there had to be about 6" of white stuff in the high passes on the way from the west coast. Only days away now............
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