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How long does a ski last?

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I am contemplating picking up a pair of used race stock Nordica GS skis for my son. They have been raced on for 1 year, and raced & trained on for a second year.

The bases and edges are in great shape, my question is what happens to the stiffness/strength of a sandwich race stock ski after that much skiing (probably about 60 days).

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Avoid them, unless you need a fence or chairs. A racer on hard snow can reduce the performance of a sandwich ski in 20 days, and render it garbage in 40.
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Have to agree, that's a lot of skiing and racers don't generally baby their skis.
Still, if they're almost free...
I will say I spent a lot of time this year on a completely worn out 155 slalom ski. (No camber left, skis are flat to almost reverse camber) They were still really great skis but not something you'd want to race on.
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Thanks for the replies.

Does worn out mean lost snap or stiffness?

The reasoning behind the question is that a softer ski would probably be better for my son (height/weight/ability). So if worn out means less stiff/easier to bend that might be a plus. Or does worn out indicate other factors?
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Lack of pop, lack of grip and less stiff.

60+ days and they still have edge material left? Are you SURE???
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Does your son want a GS board? What's your son's age and ability?
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Age 15, 5'2" 130#, strong skier, slower than average for age group
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We need more info. What size are these skis and is he racing on them or just freeskiing?
Do the skis have any camber left?
Skis without camber loose a lot of subtlety and don't engage the snow too well at the begining of a turn. Not the best for learning.
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They can lose all their grip without losing much flex. Avoid these skis. Get him any non-race stock GS ski and he should do fine. Look at your local shop, and if they don't have a good spring deal go to Denver Wholesale skis on ebay, I'm sure there is a deal on something.
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Originally Posted by GordM View Post
Age 15, 5'2" 130#, strong skier, slower than average for age group
Those skis are 183cm? Insane to put a race stock ski like that on a guy like that Just get him some retail skis instead
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He has skied for 10 years, has been and will be racing, but not FIS - he is not a strong racer.

The used skis are 176cm (the shortest race stock skis) from a friend of his who is a much stronger skier and actually commented that they might be too much ski for him even at that length. But all the coaches and shop are pushing longer lengths (175-180) because of the age - I am questioning that because he is not the average 15 year old racer.

I will look around a little more.

Thanks for the info.

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My son is about the same age and weight as yours. Mine is two inches taller. If your son is not racing under FIS rules, forget about a ski that long. My son raced for our local high school on juniors skis and did very well. His slalom skis were 148cm Fischers and his GS skis were 163cm Volkl P60's. Next year he may have to step up to an adult ski but, I am going to wait and see how much he grows by then. Who knows, maybe a junior slalom and an adult GS?

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at 130#'s a 176 adult gs ski really is too much probably.
The most important thing is to be able to flex the ski. Otherwise the ski will control the skier and it will not be fun at all.
I see that Elan makes their junior gs ski up to 176 next down is 168.
Nordica has a junior gs ski up to 171cm.
A 176 junior gs ski would be much better I think for him than that used adult. Question is do you go shorter?

Here's the thing you're talking 6-7months from now and might he not be much heavier?

using Physics man's sidecut calculator :
Nordica 171cm:18.6m

Elan 168cm: 19.8m (according to Elan)
176cm: 21.4m (")


http://www.elanskis.com/pcc.asp?xpat...d3=&lang=u sa
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