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Stupid events?

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Today is the day when the local hill hosts its anual stupid event. It's the cardboard sled derby. It consists of closing 3/4 of the entire mountain so that stupid, half drunk people can attempt to slide down the hill in homemade cardboard sleds. It also ivolves the sowcats tearing about half the base off of the headwall so that the sled run is "safe" and the sleds have a track to slide in. (that way they don't go completely out of control. The stupidity of the event is compounded by the fact that most of the sleds make it about halfway down the hill before stopping and requiring the occupants to drunkenly drag the sleds over the finish line. So, I was wondering, what's your hill's anual stupid event?
Edited for clairity. My "N" key is dying, so anywhere you notice a letter missing, it's probably safe to add an "n" in.
P.S. I wouldn't be caught dead within 20 miles of that place today.

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Shut up little man!

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...... "involves the sowcats" .... "dow the hill" .. ??

Ok! At least you wait till you are home and safe behind the computer before you get hammered.

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He has no "n" man, cut him some slack!!!
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That's ot a excuse. o way.
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Years ago it was junk day. The last day on the hill. Most creative awards for the most unique junk. Runs were always loaded with bumps. Try that dressed in a smock, tucked into a hospital bed on skis, beer in hand.

Try surfing an old car hood without spilling the pitcher of beer.

Try it upside down in a Volkwagon bug, one hellva ride.

The best was a Titan truck tire tube. About 25 feet across and 5 feet high. About 25 people on it with beer. Those who didn't fall though the dougnut hole ended up ass end over teakettle into the sewage lagoon when the chain link fence stopped the tube cold. All that beer ruined in the lagoon, what a shitty ending, especially head first.

These things do not happen anymore. Us baby boomers had way to much fun and in the interest of protecting our own children, changed to rules to make sure these kinds of fun never see the light of day for our kids. [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]

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