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structure and scraping help

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I just got back into racing this year and have a very basic question I am clueless on. I had a pair of Atomic DH skis structure ground at a reputable racing place. After multiple waxings and scrapings, I started scraping down the structure. This didn't occur in the middle of the ski since I did not flex the scraper into a concave position. If anything I would do some scrapings with pressure outside of the edges flexing in the opposite direction. Now the outside of my bases are smooth. Will all structures diminish over time with scrapings or is it simply because of the pressure I put on the outside of the ski? Is there a technique to avoid this?
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I'd guess the far greater forces applied on abrasive snows would wear down structure near the edges before a plexi scraper would. Are the bases obviously higher now?

You can freshen the structure with some steel brushing or add it back with some hand work with a riller bar or sanding with coarse sandpaper and subsequent clean-up.
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