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UHHGH! Rocks!

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It happens at least a couple times a year, no matter what the snow cover; You find the perfect snowfield way up above the treeline just after a snowfall, start ripping, and THWACK! Nail a rock just under the surface, and off to the repair shop we go, again; sometime just the skis, sometimes the skis and the skier.

How does one avoid these nasty little suprises? Especially in flat light, you can't seem 'em until you're on top of them. Then it usually involves a little snow dancing, but avoidance by then is mostly a matter of luck. Any hints to share?
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Same sorta thing happened to me - I saw some good looking snow just outside the snow fences (this was last year), and there were many rocks that just came above the surface, I wiped out not being able to avoid all these rocks (they were big and there were lots of em), and tore up my ski pants and had a pretty big cut down my thigh. I learned: that when the snow is bad all over the mountain, and there is still some untracked, and you don't see anyone else skiing it - theres a reason why.
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Oh look it's a perfect powder run that everyone else just happened to miss, maybe they are saving it for me, I'm such a nice guy.
these thoughts often precede blown out edges, Crested Butte comes to mind.
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Teenagers are particular good at finding them, especially if they don't like their present skis, or want a new pair.

Interesting how things work out in life..
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anybody have any advice?

rocks have been the cause of huge repair bills for me & my skis.
last time I tore an edge out I was in another skiers tracks carrying speed out of a powder run towards the end. :
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isn't that the reasoning behind having a specific pair of 'rock skis?' that way you can wreck em' and not worry about the repair bill or repair em' at all?

there is an old saying, 'if you want to dance, you have to pay the piper.' in other words, if you don't want to worry about rocks, don't ski out of bounds or thin cover, cause it's a part of doing that type of skiing. either that, or after enough repairs to body and skis, you will learn how to avoid them the hard way! lol.
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I usually ask around or wait and watch early in the season. If I've seen successful tracks earlier then it dumps I'll give it a go. Generally I stick with the old adage - if it seems too good to be true it probably is. Best to take it easy the first time through uncharted territory anyway.

Why is it I never have my rock skis on when I hit a rock?
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Yesm it happened to me too...
Brand new Dynamic VR27, one week old,
three turns and straaap, 10x2xall(deep)cm of base cut away...
Nevertheless I skied on, then when the evening came the ski shop tech had a little bit of work to do.
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