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I'm glad I have a season pass...

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I went to my local mountain today, took one run and bagged it.

Conditions sucked THAT BAD.

Like all season so far they have only one run open...
They call it 3 runs, but that's just name games.
At the top until about halfway down it was like a continuous sheet of ice.
From there down conditions improved to the point where I would only call it "so-so"

Understand, this isn't the owner's fault and I'm not complaining about that.
If anything, I feel bad for them as they are totally at the mercy of this season's weather so far which can accurately be described as sh¡tty.

No decent snow AND no water reserves to allow the kind of snow-making that would make up for it. How they manage to hang on, I really don't know.

Now, to make matters worse, the powder up in vermont that I have so far been unable to get to this season looks like it's going to get rained on before i have a chance to get there.

February is around the corner.
Literally 1/2 the season GONE, and nothing to show for it. PLUS, it's not like there's half a season gone but a good base out there...
It looks like late november out there.

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Just as bad here. But I don't have a season pass. So I've only skied once this year.
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Alright - everyone to Washington! Come on - we've got snow. It'll be fun, really.

Just look at it! (these photos continually refresh. If they are dark it's because it is dark out)

Crystal Mountain (6 inches new and snowing)

Stevens Pass (5 inches new and snowing)

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Snow report for Washington


Terrific Tuesday, Another Powder Weekend Ahead!
Monday, Jan. 21

Hello Snowriders:

Epic Snow continues this week with improving condtions coming this weekend!

Dry snow, Super quality!

I skied Crystal until 8pm Saurday after skiing the backcountry and the snow keeps getting deeper and better.

Tuesday: Great Powder skiing everywhere with low snow levels 2-5" new , 500' SL Great quality,like UTAH!....

Wednesday and Thursday the snow level goes up to 3000' Still good quality snow but not as perfect. Expect more new, especially Wednesday(5-12"?)

Friday into the weekend, snow level will drop to 1000 with new snow at times providing for,again, AN EPIC WEEKEND!

New weekend snow(3-8"/day)and very low snow levels again, hence excellent snow quality

Be careful driving.Bring chains. Wind at the ridges could be a problem.

BE care in the backcountry..do not cross ropes, enter in open gates only! Questions/backcountry info? ASK the ski patrol
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I hate the lot of you!

I have a season pass, but it's not going to get used this season at all.

I would drown my sorrows, but they've learned to swim.

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I'd like to praise my home area-Bristol Mountain in the Finger Lakes of Upstate NY. I skiied today in beautiful sunshine on great snow-all trails but one are open. Yes, most of the snow is manmade, but hey it covers the dirt and rocks. The management has made a comittment to snow making and depite the late start (Dec. 22) the skiing has been good. Unfortunately, clear days like today are the exception, but this IS Upstate NY. 40 minutes from home-I'll take it!
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I'm glad I have a pass for days like today, also. Its a work day but Bridger Bowl got 4" last night on top of 4" the previous day. I was able to go skiing 2 1/2 hours this morning before work & didn't have to worry about getting my moneys worth. Only complaint was the snow was like good Seattle snow which means heavy snow by Montana standards....oh well, at least it makes a good base.
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There should be an Epicski penalty for unnecessary teasing!!! Like you can only post in the Classified section of Offseason area for a week.

Oh well, I have snow envy. Thermometer in my car read 54 degree today. Help I'm melting.

Fernie 28 Days and counting!!!!

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at my "hill" top 120" thats TEN FEET and 65" at the base, neener neener. And more on the way of course.

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Like JohnnyV, I too live in Central New York. Except for last week where we got a few inches of lake effect snow, it's all been machine made snow. Fortunately, our small ski area has great snow making capabilities. Therefore, the skiing has been excellent on the trails that are open. Enough to get your legs in good shape. Then, when we go to Vermont for some real skiing, you can really enjoy yourself and fully utilize everything the larger ski areas have to offer.

Yes, season passes are the way to go. If the skiing is lousy, the lift lines are to long or your having a bad day, you just pack up and go home.

I've already skied enough days this season to break even on the cost of the pass. From now on, each days skiing costs less and less. Last year, with the 30+ ski days I had, my average daily lift cost was under $6 per day. Pretty cheap entertainment I'd say!
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While it is dismal down here, Hunter and other Catskill areas have made a good amount of snow (if you don't mind the crowds). Also while VT will get rain this week, central VT got 8" on Tuesday (according to one of our vendors). Skiied MRG Sat. and Mon. Conditions were good (some rocks but good overall). Jay on Sun. was excellent (heard Sat. was a madhouse and their busiest day ever). Both areas should survive the rain.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by PowDigger:

There should be an Epicski penalty for unnecessary teasing!!!

Penalty? What kind of penalty do you have in mind (she says coquettishly)
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