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Heliski trip 2005

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My friend at Canadian Mountain Holidays informs me that a few skiers (6) who want to heliski in 2005 can find spaces if they act before March 1, 2004.

Here's the skinny: The trip is March 13-20, 2005, in the Kootenays. Skiers must be strong as there is usually no chance to come in early. Trip price for 7 day package is around 5500.00 US. It is possible to break it down to 3 or 4 day packages depending on availability.

Check out www.cmhski.com for photos and specifics about terrain and lodging at Kootenay. A strong skier is one who can negotiate steep tree runs in powder and log a lot of vertical in a day. You can skip a day, but once you're out, you're out for the day, and in March the days can be long. This is an excellent week for heliskiing weather and conditions.

If you are interested, contact me by PM.
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I'd love to go, but I only have $5,436.00.
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I was going heli skiing for my 40th but I got a divorce instead .... $US5500 (+$US1800 airfare) a coupla months surfing the Maldives or Mexico or skiing Chamonix comes to mind first.
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Carvemeister, I can bring the additional $64 needed and we can split the time
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If you don't want to heliski, that's fine with me. I'm not trying to break any arms here, just to inform of an opportunity those who may be interested.

With an 85% return rate, getting a good week at CMH a year out is a feat.
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Originally posted by DaMtnRider:
Carvemeister, I can bring the additional $64 needed and we can split the time
Thanks! You are DaMan! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

Hey nolo, are you kidding? Who the heck doesn't want to go Heli-skiing? Will they take my $5436.00 plus One book of Food Stamps? [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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Here's the deal. The up front requirement is a $600 deposit. You don't have to pay for the trip for several months. Invest your remaining $ in a short term growth stock or watch the exchange rate. If the U.S. dollar trends upward against the CDN dollar, you're in luck. Gauge the day when the exchange rate is most favorable and charge on your U.S. credit card.


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