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Something a bit Narrow...

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At the suggestion of a number of folk, I'm thinking of expanding my quiver with a skinny ski. It is unlikely that i can demo here in colorado -- you can't even find a current ski under 76 at the waist in a ski shop here. So, I'd like some suggestions of what might be appropriate for me.

I'm a level 8 skier, 51, 5'11", and about 235 lbs. I'd like to think that was dense pack, but I could drop a few pounds. My current quiver is an AC4 in 178 (my everyday ski) and a Mantra in 183. I like wood core skis, and have never skied a foam core ski that I liked.

Tog made this suggestion in another thread:

Originally Posted by Tog View Post
Is that a light at the end of the tunnel? (and it's not NJ)

Ok, let's not rush into anything here though. The tigershark12's on sale above are still 79mm underfoot - not much different than the AC40 82mm. Not sure about the AC4.

The Tigershark 10 is 73mm underfoot - now we're getting somewhere.
168: 121-73-105 14.3m radius
175: 121-73-105 15.8m radius
I would say if you go with this ski you definitely want the power switch.
I will say definitely that the Head supershape magnums are too soft for you.(too soft for me also)

Hmmm why not even go towards an even more "slalom like" ski in the 60's?:

There's a lot of choice in this area of skis. Perhaps start a thread and get some suggestions. There's people here with good advice since you've narrowed your search somewhat.

Your going to need a ski with some beef in it.

Something like the Stockli Laser Sc might be good:
114 63: 95 14.8m radius @170 16.1 @177
170 w/plate would make more sense I think but you'll hate it for awhile in anything other than groomed.
Bear in mind that with these types of skis plates can make a big difference. You can take a 170 and drastically alter the stiffness/response with the type of plate. You would definitely want some sort of plate.

Fischer World Cup RC (not SC)
112 - 66 - 96 16m at 175cm (so less at 170) this might be good at 175 too for west.

Really, there's tons of choices.

I guess I would caution against going with too much sidecut, say much less than 14m. (In the true slalom category) Just because that's a drastic change for you and if the skis come around too quickly legs can be broken. (I heard horror stories from Bob about this happening with very good skiers. It took me a couple of runs to forget as he looked at my skis while talking.(13.5m radius) hmmm...guess what he was skiing Big Sky in? 165 slaloms...)

.... snip
So, folk, what would you suggest? I want this ski to teach me something, and it needs to be relatively stiff to deal with both my weight and my tendency to overpressure skis. I liked the Fischer RX8 when I demoed it a couple of years ago, but it is too soft. Never skied a Head, but am intrigued by what I've read about them -- but don't have the faintest idea how to figure out their line.

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I don't know if this is skinny enough...
But I was able to demo the Dynastar Contact LTD in Vail...
Pepi sports has them...
They also have the Fischer progressor also...
They are both fairly skinny by todays standard...
I am a lvl 7, 5'10" 240...
I demoed the Dynastar in 172cm...
AWESOME skis...
I purchased a pair from Sierra Jim when he put them on sale...
They have no speed limit as far as i can tell...
I got the dynastar's over the progressors because they are supposed to be a little more forgiving...they are 72mm under foot...
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I'm a big guy who also likes the Limited & Progressor. The Limited is a foam core FYI. It's also a great performer, even for big guys.

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I'd go all the way to a real slalom ski. If you are going to do something different, do something really different. If you liked the Fischer RX8, look for their WC SL.

(But then, when I golf I typically use only four of my clubs (including the putter), so what do I know about quivers?)
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ok mike here's another one for you:
(actually I wish I bought this ski but have yet to try it)

Nordica Speedmachine Mach 3 Power XBI
(could they make a longer name? don't get the non-power for your weight)
cgeib is on this ski.
side cut: 119-72-104 170 (R15,0), 178 (R15,8)
from just looking at it I think that's probably a great ski.

I still think you might want to try something narrower.
hmmm...in Nordica's line we've got

Doberman SL xbi (a slalom ski with integrated binding)
170cm (R14m) 120-67-103
hmmm..that's looking pretty good (oh what a ripper...)
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The Head SuperShape is one prime candidate with it's 66mm waist and 12 meter turn radius. Demos are available in Downieville. Also consider the Fischer RX9 (it'll have a new name next year) if the RX8 was too soft.
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I took this from skireview.com http://www.ski-review.com/content/view/676/30/

Model: Nordica Dobermann Spitfire (2008)
Size(cm) / Radius(m): 170/14
Sidecut: 122-70-105
Manufacturer's Description of the Nordica Dobermann Spitfire:
"A new philosophy in terms of side cut and radius, designed for all slope conditions. Called a “Frontracer” the Spitfire is a true “frontside” ski for experts that want a ski that feels more like a Race ski but is not limited to the confines of FIS regulations."

I don't think these are sold in the us but they'd be a good choice. Sounds like next year they're coming out with a stiffer version in Europe at least.

I had a post that completely disappeared...
I sort of withdrew the slalom ski suggestion of the Dobermann. Mainly because it's such a drastic jump and the tails are powerful. It might hasten intimate conversations with trees.

Of the Head's you've got maybe the Supershape Speed.
112/66/98 @170 15.4 m
I'm leary that it's too soft for you like the Magnums (which also have a lot of sidecut 13.5m as does the chip version (chip is a little stiffer) )

chip XRC: 115/68/101 @170 radius 14.3m
there's the iXRC 1200: same dimensions

Don't know anything about these skis though...
Need someone like Heluva to weigh in here
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That Spitfire looks like a real nice ski -- too bad I can't get it here (unless there is a CA dealer that ships to the US...).

Right now, looks like the Fischer is the leading candidate. Anyone want to weigh in on the Heads that Tog suggested?

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Well Lou's a dealer in Canada but I don't know if he carries Nordica skis. Plus, you might have to hold a gun to him before he'd sell you a "narrow" ski. Still, if you could get his input here on what you want it'd be good. (I'm just afraid that like a good crack dealer, you'll come away with something fat)

Let's face it, there have been few responses here.
Forget the Heads unless it's a race ski they suck.
(maybe that'll stir things up)
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(god freaking elan changing the names again. This used to be the "RipStick" I think. People loved those things. They should save "Race" for skis that are actual race skis)
Anyways, probably great skis. Wood cores. When Elan makes a good ski, it's a very good ski.

Elan GSX Race:
109 66 95 (170cm) 15.4m dual titanium sheets, box frame wood core
Elan GS Race:
109 66 98 (170cm) 15.4m single titanium sheet, laminated wood core

Don't know if those dimensions are misprints or not since they have the same radius.
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As for the Elan speedwave series, well I don't know but the ones I tried were smooth but dull as dishwater in personality. I'd basically buy the Gsx or Gs untried though. I pretty much know they'd be good.
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