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The last day of LGC

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Roll Call style.....

Who is definitely in for Loveland on Saturday?
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If I can talk my wife into it we'll be there. She hates the chairs with no safety bars and if it's still dumping there's no chance. If it clears I have a decent shot.

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1. Mom
2. UL (you ARE going, right?!)
3. SugarCube
4. Cube's Sister & Bro-in-Law
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I'm 50/50 right now.
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I'll be skiing with family today. Everyone is more than welcome to tag along if you want to ski at an advanced intermediate pace.

Other than that we have no guides (that I am aware of) so the rest of you are on your own.


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I'll be there.
Advanced intermediate = Chair 9 hopefully? :-)
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didn't see any other names up there 'till after i hit the road, so i went to WP/MJ instead to meet up with family and friends. it looked from the photos in the other thread that you all had a great time too, so i don't feel too guilty....
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