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Nordica Dobermann Spitfire - add to quiver?

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Thinking about buying these as my on piste thrashers for here in europe.I want something that is quick edge to edge and loves to carve .I was thinking of a 170cms but the guy in the store recommended the 164's .he said they are ultra responsive and carvey in that size and as i ski a 175cm all mountain i should try something more specific for the piste.

I'm a bit doubtful about such a short ski even if i am just using it for piste days when i want to charge slalom and carve. I'm 6ft 217lbs and advanced skier .

Any advice on these or an alternative would be greatly recieved

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keir, I've been on the Spifires all season. I'm 6' and 220 lbs and ski them at 170cm. I would suggest that the 170 is a better length for you. By the way it's an awesome ski.
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Are these available in the US? I've never seen them. Looks like a great ski.
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Tog, no they're not sold in the USA. They are distributed in Canada and internationaly. They are a great ski.
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are they really as quick edge to edge as people say ?
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Keir, I can only give you my opinion but I had the chance to ski the new RX8 Fire quite a few times this year (a great ski) and the Spitfire in my opinion is the better of the two (for me). It is as quick edge to edge and I found it much better in new snow (knee deep) and on the ice we usually see in my part of the world. Again, given your size I would recommend the 170cm as it will give you very quick handling while still remaining stable at speed. I would really hesitate on buying anything shorter.
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i'd agree on the sizing

it was the one thing that deterrred me from purchasing straight away - that the sales guy was trying to insist on such a short pair - yes i want an out and out piste ski but i've skied 164 heads before and found i hated them in ice - and i mean hated !

thanks for the advice

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Too bad not available in US. I guess Nordica has too many models. Certainly they've confused us all with their names for skis.

not to be a raspberry seed here but...
If you hated a "Head 164" on ice it had nothing to do with the length. Most likely the tune, or it was just not good. A 165 slalom ski is pretty damn good on ice. Just ask anybody who races. This ski is very close to a slalom ski.

I have to say I'm more in line with the salesman here...This is plenty of ski at 165cm. longer is just different.
looks like a real ripper.
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okay i understand - the heads felt like they just couldn't hold the edge and i always thought longer length more edge = better grip.Must admit don't race just consider myself advanced skier.I also found that the smakk skis would catch and spin me round a bit more (as you see in a slalom race when the racer turns to sharp and sort of high sides) .I take it that is technique more than ski , and i ski now a hell of a lot better than i did when i was using the heads 2 years ago.

do you think the 165's would be stable enough at higher speed piste ripping as well as quick edge to edge turns ?Me and my friends tend to ski nice mixture of slalom style turns and gs (what i want these for ) as well as shussing fast on downhill or flatter sections
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Keir, the Spitfire is not a full blown race ski. I tried the shorter length and it just did not seem stable to me at higher speed. Tog is correct that a 165cm slalom race ski would certainly be stable at speed and have great grip on icy conditions. If that is what you're after I would suggest looking at Nordica's race skis. I will also say at this point that I personally believe many people buy skis that are too short for them. That's why many suggest demoing is the only way to really tell.
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hi greybeard

i am certainly not after a full blown race ski - i rip around the mountain now mostly on a 175cm Scott Aztec pro and find it great (have some longer 182cm teneighty guns for bigger powder days but find i don't use 'em much as the scotts sort it all). I'm just after something more piste based and quicker edge to edge than the scotts .The scotts can grind out on the boot when carving hard and i want something that will blast around hard and fast and precise and will be better for quick turns on the black runs that my austrian mates love to blast down (on their Atomics).

Borrowed a pair of my friends 170cms nordica nitrous foir the day and yes i know it's a total different ski but did like the quality feel of the nordicas and the length seemed good.

will probably go for a 170cms. Mostly looking forward to bringing a different ski to the party with the Austrian Boys .They're Salzburgers and Hugley supportive/patriotic of the local brand - despite if the particular model is good or not. Always nice to show them there is a world of skis outside Atomic
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Nordica Spitfire

170 is listed at 14m sidecut. The 162 at 13. 170 would be better for zipping around your large slopes.

Or you could go with Stockli Laser sc. 14.8m radius @170
(Switzerland-Austrians will scoff?)
Elan GSX Race or GS race (softer) - both not race skis but in the 15m sidecut range.
(Slovenia-Austrians will Guffaw?)
Put an "Eddie the Eagle" with a little British flag sticker on whatever you get...
Maybe you should remind them that the Americans are doing quite well in the Word Cup and put a Bode sticker on them.
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being half english half american i've been reminding them about bode all season they remind me back that head is an austrian brand but they have to grit their teeth when they say it.

should buy Volkl as they hate them for being German brand (anything from their bigger brothers ) !

As for Eddie more of a turkey than an eagle but more cahones than i'll ever have.

Seriously i wish we had more demo opportunities like you guys do but we just don't get the chance.Can try the dobermanns at an indoor ski slope in the uk but there really is no point as you just get started and it's over .

i know nothing of the Elans except last year summer skiing in Saas Fee quite a lot of the pro's were skiing them and they seem to be the choice of every half decent ski jumper.I know even less about stockli

At least i've got some time to find out and hopefully pick up an end of season bargain.
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Since the dollar is so worthless right now why don't you purchase in the US and have shipped? This would of course eliminiate the Spitfires. I don't think shipping is as bad going towards uk as from uk to us (utterly ridiculous cost usually for us here). I know a guy in New Hampshire who sells ski stuff (not skis) and ships a lot of jackets with world cup logos to Europe because they're so much cheaper.

Elan makes excellent skis when they're good. As does Stockli. Jumping (Olympic type) skis are completely different. Note that not all elans would be good but those gsx or gs race I know would be good. (they are not actually race skis- they have way too much sidecut for gs. But nowadays all manuf. are insane when they name things.)

Here's another one for you: Maxel. It's Italian, very small manufacturer that recently went out of business and was bought out by some of the engineers there. Only way I know about them is a guy here who's a race coach with Italian connnections had about 4 pairs of them.(12/07) I believe he had the Twister SL racecarve but I'm not sure. I know it was a slalom ski.

He's very picky about skis and does not like the usual very stiff race skis. He likes even, soft flexing race skis. He skis those Maxel slaloms all over. He really, really liked those skis. My only issue on just seeing them is they had a very low tip (bend from ground up) but they might have been more of a prototype. I think he might have said as much when I asked about the tip but I can't remember.

If you left these outside the lodge and quickly walked in, your Austrian friends would be all over them examining. Pretty much guaranteed as these are not common skis. Of course being Italian there'd probably be grunting..but if their boot fit in they'd probably want to take a spin before telling you how much better Atomics were.

Actually that "Street" model in the "All around" section might be just the ticket. It's available in 171cm.

434 euros
even at worthless dollar rates that's not bad for a small manu. ski (685$)

some info on Maxel here:

Note that 165cm would be plenty of ski for the slaloms
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Keir, as you can see there are a lot of skis that would probably meet your needs. I also ski the Nitrous (178cm) when I manage to get to some bigger hills. I've just added the Hellcats but haven't had the opportunity to try them out. From what you've said and given your size I would go for the Spifire 170cm if you want to go with Nordica. As Tog says, the stockli is a great ski as well. It's pretty hard to find a bad ski these days and it's really a matter of personal preference.
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thanks for the extra info - you have hit on a point and thats the softness in a ski - i do like something that isn't too stiff - that's one good thing about the dobermanns ( i've had my hand on a pair and been able to test the flex )

And you've really thrown another one in the pot with the Maxels as i love to find something a bit different that truely is a match for the better known brands . I hunted down my scotts and started skiing the brand when it was largely unknown and before it won about all the awards you can get in europe in all mountain and off piste classes.

It's great to have the choice and some time to make it - but i must admit the radical in me has got me investigating maxel (looking at their website now ) probably before mr sensible buys the Elan or Nordica
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sorry guys after all the discussion i went and bought a different ski to what we talked about.

I ended up with fischer rx8's 2008 model.The reviews including those on this site were too good to ignore (also the fact i got them brand new from SKI Bilek on e-bay for only 202 euros including bindings had something to do with it !)

thanks for all your suggestions and help (chose a 170cms length )

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