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First Turnzzz

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(Beginning year 6, days 61 and 62 on skis.)

Wed., Nov. 26

The cousin and I drove east on 50 out of Placerville, meandering along the oncoming American River, past Sierra-at-Tahoe, then down from 7,300' Echo Summit into South Tahoe, onto Ski Run Blvd., parking on the California side at the base of Heavenly.

The lot attendants, who seem to be in different Heavenly colors this year, informed us the California side would NOT be open for skiing, as we'd assumed, and we'd need to board the bus that would be heading over to the Nevada side, where we'd catch the new gondola.
By the way, plan on carrying your wider skis onto the bus with you, as the ski slots on the side of the bus wouldn't accomodate cuz's G3's, which are hardly widebodies.

Going up in the gondola, we did our best gaping, gazing out at the lake and the snowcapped peaks on the other side. The view remains easy on the eyes.

They had Tamarack, Dipper and Comet running, as well as an open terrain park. All lines downhill were of the blue variety, with a greenish tint to sections of them. I didn't mind the lack of advanced terrain, though after a few hours of cruising, focusing on fore/aft, edge pressure subtleties, and whatever female forms caught my attention, I got hungry for something that would force shorter turns on me. (I would have to wait for Friday at Sierra-at-Tahoe for stuff with a bit more pitch to it.)

Paid $8.50 for chili in a breadbowl.

Heard someone say Mammoth had nine chairs running and plenty of snow. Whimpered then got over it.

Tried (but not too hard) to get my cousin to understand that he could pretty easily get his skis carving rather than skidding so much if he'd just do so and so, and pay a little attention to this and that, and "remember that when you ski off of the chair and feel your toes come up to the top of your boots, you're already in back, so relax, let those shins sink into the front of your boots."

I noticed I was skiing with my hands too low again.


Friday, Nov. 28

Sierra/Tahoe had more open Friday, including West Bowl, where one could play (or work, in my case) in some above-the-ankle cement that had been saved. From the chair it looked nothing but soft and creamy and I thought they must've just opened it, as no one was skiing down. Soon as that thought had passed, a posse of boarders came sluicing down. Turns out their gear was better suited to the snow conditions. When I jumped in the skis were immediately grabbed and it took a little "activity" to get things moving in the right direction. Assertiveness seemed to help as I put myself in blast-through mode, which felt good after the kinder, gentler turning at Heavenly. Still, I longed for my beloved Odysseys, as my X-Scream 9's were prettily easily pushed around in the glop.
Soon as that wish passed, a woman came dancing through on those same skis, as if floating, perfect turning every time, reminding me, "it's the skier, not the skis."

Went into some bumps that marked a couple shortish pitches and surprised myself by getting through without falling, though the Uglies kicked in at about bump three. I didn't worry about it, there'll be plenty of time for serious drill-doing. These two days were about catching up with the cuz and having fun on skis. And getting a little readier for Jackson Hole*.

*Come to the 4th Annual Bear Gathering at Jackson Hole, January 30-February 2.

Add your name.

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Did you get a phone number for the dancing girl on Salomons? [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]

It sounds like you had a good time; after all, some skiing is better than none at all.

Highway 50 out of Placerville. I drove that road for the first time this summer coming home from the historic car weekend in Monterey. I was driving my brother's Ferrari 456 and goin' like hell on an otherwise empty road. Really great fun!

I can't say as I've ever skied the Sierras; maybe I should.

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Since we are telling stories ...

This weekend I also made my first turns of the season in Tremblant. I drove to Montreal Friday through pouring rain. Friday night we went out with friends for dinner and dancing. Although still raining in Montreal, we heard that up north they are having a snow storm. Sweet! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

Montreal is a party town so we got to bed around 3:30AM Saturday but I was up at 6:30AM ready to drive up to Tremblant. Yep, the snow storm was still on, and I was bursting out of my suit with happiness. Although we only skied the upper part of the mountain, the conditions up there were OK, with 9 runs open. Heavy snow, no grooming, but lots of fun. There were no "nice" runs to "ease" into it, so my first turns were in crud and little bumps with way too many skiers around me. I noticed that most people were on short SL skis despite the conditions. I am sure some would whine about the need for mid-fat and fat skis for these conditions but in the East we are just greatful to have snow. Going slower and getting bounced around on them short SL skis is not the end of the world. [img]smile.gif[/img]

The winds picked up around lunch and by 2:00PM they must have hit 100km/hr (60 mph). I decided to get off the mountain knowing full well that I have to take the gondola down (since you could only ski the upper mountain). My fears materialized when the gondola started swinging violently. Soon the gondola stopped, but the swinging continued, fueled by crazy winds. I was with a lady in the gondola and she started crying. I tried to be calm but I was also pretty scared. After about a minute the gondola started moving again and, thankfully, we managed to get out of the wind. The gondola stopped many times on the way down (probably because safety triggers stop it as soon as one of the "cars" swings beyond a certain level).

Sunday I drove up to Tremblant again and enjoyed another great day of skiing. Again I could not ski until closing because I had to drive back to Montreal to pickup my wife to return to Toronto. So on Sunday I drove 3.5 hours between Tremblant-Montreal and then another 6 hours Montreal-Toronto. And I only skied about 5 hours on Sunday. How would you like to drive 9.5 hours and only ski 5 hours, all in one day? Unfortunately we took my Acura, which has a stick shift, so my wife could not help with the drive. I got back to Toronto around midnight, tired but happy with my weekend.


1) There were many more skiers than snowboarders
2) Many of the snowboarders were very nice and polite
3) Short skis seem to rule these days
4) When there are no guiding corals at the base of the lift people behave like cattle. We were all over the place yet people were still nice and polite.
5) Montreal is still one of the best party towns in North America
6) That swinging gondola ride took about 5 year off my life
7) There were lots of good skiers in Tremblant. Many of them racers from US and Canada getting their first runs of the season. These kids do not know the meaning of "start out slowly".
8) We are so freakin' lucky to be part of this sport
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