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Serge Couttet

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I didn't know until I received the latest copy of Instructor to Instructor this week. He was a Loveland institution. This is from the newsletter.

In Memory
On Saturday, March 22nd, Serge Couttet passed away. Serge has been a long time member of the PSIA. He ran the Loveland Ski School for over 30 years. Many people will remember Serge for his dedication to the skiing industry. Serge was a very active member of our organization, he was a well known examiner and chief examiner for the PSIA. Serge has been battling a number of medical problems for the last few years. He retired from skiing some 7 years ago. A memorial for Serge will be this Saturday, April 5th from 3 to 6 pm at the Loveland Valley lodge. Ralph Waldo Emerson said you have succeeded if you leave the world a bit better. If that is the case, then Serge Couttet was very successful.
Serge had long retired before my time at Loveland. I heard many stories about Serge from long-timers. My condolences to his family in Chamonix, France and the Loveland Community.
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I had not heard this. Thoughts and prayers go out to those in his circle.
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I worked for him many years ago. It made a lot of people cringe when he would tell them what he thought about their skiing but I always found it to be spot on. Unvarnished and blunt but always honest. I think Loveland lost a lot when he retired.
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I got to laugh and ski with him fairly often in the 70's when I would go to Loveland for early snow.

He was an absolutely wonderful guy, with a big gruff exterior, and soft sweet personality inside.

I really enjoyed him. One of the great guys in skiing.

I was lucky to know him.
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So many of us were touched by him. Like circles in a pond, his influence effected so many in their quest to further the art of teaching this sport. We should do something at Spring Fling to honor him...
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The description about instruction that JASP has shared reminds me of someone close to me.

Clear, direct, correct, and brilliant
I wish I'd known him.
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