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Which Markers?

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I just picked up a pair of Volkl Tigersharks. I can get them mounted with the 12 or 14 din for the same price. The 14 has that little round adjustment wheel thing under the boot while the 12 I think is more like the IPT on the AC4s. I had some AC4s but sold them. Part of the reason I did so was becaus of some preleases with the Marker bindings on them (IPT 12). Because I like Volkl skis I decided to give them one more chance. Would I be better going with one or the other or are they both the same except for the din. I am about 210 lbs. Chart out on din at 8.5. I have Dukes and Jesters on my fatter skis and have left the din at 8.5. On the AC4s I had it up to 10 and was still having some problems.
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The 14 has a better toe.
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