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Liner questions

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Hi, I have a couple of liner questions. I've got three pairs of Nordica K9.1 shells with one replacement stock liner, made for me by Nordica a couple years back (I think I paid 75 euros for them; the original liners from the shells are long dead). I like the boots. The "new" liners, though, are starting to tear up inside. Want to assess my options.
1. Do I get Nordica to make me another liner (assuming they still will)?
2. Is there a good way to patch the liner?
3. I've also got a pair of custom fit Strolz liners (for Strolz boots, obviously). Any chance those would work with the Nordica shell?
4. What about Zipfit or other replacement liners? Can you order them via Internet? How much do they cost? Do they have to be fitted by a pro? I've never seen them over here, and thought I might order a pair in the States when I'm there over the summer. Won't be near any bootfitter, though.

Thanks, J
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answers to

1 nordica may be able to supply you with another liner, but as the shell is long since out of production it would be for a similar model would probably fit ok but you would need to try
2 not really, you could put a very thin piece of fabric in but if the tear is around the heel there is a lot of friction where the foot goes in
3 if it is a strolz foam then it probably won't fit in the nordica shell that well, again you could try but it has been foamed to another shape
4 zip fit is an option as you can move it to another shell if you need to, or an intuition, a PU foam is also an idea if you are keeping the shells for a while

both intuition and zip fit can be ordered from some places on line they both need some heating and care to make them fit well, but it is possible, cost... here in the UK they are £170 so €210 ish, you could take a litle drive over to chamonix ...not that far from milano and go see either smallzookeeper or julsie, they both post on here and are about as good as it gets in boot fitting terms... suprised you don't get zip fit near you as they are made in montebelluna so not a million miles away..... if you contact them via their website www.zipfit.com they may be able to help you with a local dealer

good luck
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Thanks a lot for the response. Admittedly, I haven't been looking that hard for the liners, so you're probably right that they're available. Given the cost, I might just go the Nordica route again. I was really happy with the new stock liners, and they lasted me more than two full seasons for 75 euros. Think I'll give the Strolz liners a test run with the Nordica shells over the summer, but I'll bet they'll be too tight. Cheers!
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I just bought a pair new of zipfits and I had a pair a few years ago. They are a very good product though this pair is very stiff. The strolz are fitted to the boots they came in, and are the stiffest liners I have seen. Like CEM said intuition is a great liner and easy to set in your boots. We put them into ski boots on an Everest Expedition, and when they came back they told us their feet were comfortable and never got cold.
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