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PSA New ZR 18's

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I saw this on the denver craigslist. Maybe somebody interested.
Date: 2008-04-09, 3:38PM MDT

what I've got:

1) BRAND SPANKIN NEW pair of zr18s. Never mounted, never seen a boot. 160 shipped.
2) Well used pair of zr18s. Used on DH race skis. No pics, but will take some if serious offers. 130 shipped.

let me know
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Originally Posted by UTpowder View Post
I have no interest in these, but decided to follow the link.
A classic TGR thread!
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That is a classic thread. (Thank you UTpowder... you saved me a headache.)

BTW, I am looking for some 18 dins (look/rossi/Solly) for around 150 if anyone is selling.

However, apparently this guy jacks the price up once you're interested. I hate black-balling guys like this, upping the price once you agree is retarded.

This thread is NOT a PSA, but rather a BEWARE.

I also find it hard to believe that someone who joined Epic one year ago, yet only has 3 posts (at the time of my posting in this thread) is anything other than the seller himself.

Hmmm. I would have bought all your bindings Herminator... but you're sketch. This isn't TGR, but I'll tell you to go away. It just doesn't work like that outside auctions. And- Epic only auctions on donations.
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Hi Samurai,
Though I joined approx 1 yr ago but only have 3 post., I thought I was passing a good deal along to our readers that I found on our local Denver's craigslist. No I am not a seller. Despite only having 3 post, I actually have been lurking on the site almost daily for at least 3 yrs. On my first post I sort of explained this when I responded to to a boot comparison questions.

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Okay. I apologize for the mistake.
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