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Need a mid fat to complement RX 8s

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I've been skiing on the RX8s all this past year but am looking for something wider, preferable in the 80-90 range. I'm 5'9", 170 lbs., 43 and an aggressive intermediate. I purchased the Head Raptor 120s at the end of the year and love the boots.

I'm looking for something to ski in on the 8-10" heavy power days we get in the East as well as something good in crud and softer Spring snow. I'm not that interested in moguls but occasionally will venture into the trees. I'd like the ski to be fairly light but still hold up on hard packed powder and broken snow. I expect the length to be in the mid 170s, say 172 to 176.

I was considering

Blizzard Cronus
Dynastar legend Mythic Rider
Fisher Watea 84 in
Head Mojo 90
Head IM 82 or 88
Nordica Afterburner

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I'd vote for the Wateas. I own the 84 and 94, and would probably choose the 94 if I had to pick just one. It gives up very little to the 84 on groomers. I actually think the 94 is a bit more solid in some cases. I can overpower the 84 and get it to chatter with sloppy skiing, but the 94 is a lot stronger.

Both skis are fantastic in crud. Neither floats me in bottomless powder, but the 94 makes the most out of 6-12".
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Sierra Jim has the Watea 84 for under $300 right now. I just went the way 219 recommends and bought the 94 to compliment my RX8's.

Fischers are way under appreciated skis!

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There are some Wateas 84 for sale in gear swap right now. He has some pictures posted.
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Thanks, yes, that's me. If you can get the 84's from Jim at $294, just add a rf binding for about $130-$160 and your set. Mine have RF14's and are selling used with 2 days on them for about the same price. I don't know if Jim still has RF bindings, if not, my deal may be better since you would have to pay for mounting. Either way, it's a great deal and a perfect next step to comliment a rx8.
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ooh... If you're a speed guy who likes to carve at Mach, I'd go with the Watea 84s- (most ilke the carving ability of the Rx8) very stable and great chowder-smashin' ability. If you're a guy who wants nimble, quick turns in the trees or who LOVES fresh pow, go with the Mojo 90. I ski the Mojos all the time out here in the east and love them more every time no matter what's on the hill, fresh pow to ancient crusties. Both amazing skis, but it's all about what you want them for. For how you have described what you do, I'd go Mojo 90- light, agile, PERFECT in 8-10" but still stable and can hold an edge on sheet ice, should you come across some. I'm 5'9", 170lbs and ski the 176- freakin perfect if you ask me. Mount BC, definitely. Never look back!
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I vote for the Watea 84...
That's what i have, fun, nimble, great ski...
They have good edge grip on hardpack, but they are GREAT on soft snow...
I would go in the 176 length...
I have read here that some people call them a wider RX8...
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