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Before we all get red white and blue down here...thought I'd say "cheers" to all my countrymen/women on both sides of the border (ah, throw in Minnesota, they almost talk like us). "Hey do you guys have the 4th of July in Canada?" "Nope" "What happens between the 3rd and the 5th then?" Beauty,eh?
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Happy Canada Day Robin.
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Yeah, Happy Canada Day. Thanks for all the hockey teams.
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Canada Day, July 1st. Wow, We almost missed it. Happy Canada Day..
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I get asked if I'm from Canada frequently. My folks were born in Duluth. I lived here when I was 2. Somtimes an errant (Farg)"oh" comes out.

"Let's take Some cohke in the boht, eh?"
"Greyt Snoh! I love pohwder! Ohh!"
Happy day, Robin
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Happy day Robin! The heck with the hockey teams, thanks for Whistler! And I hope that husband of mine remembered to express his good wishes to your compatriots when he skied Blackcomb Glacier today. To make me even more jealous, he told me he saw a mama and baby bear when he was riding up the lift.

My city your mountain, stay with me stay.....
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OK, we're all much too wired. Lisa just called me on the cell to tell me she posted the above comment before seeing my Canada Day post in the USA-ian-centric July 4th thread.

Maybe one of the bears I saw will steal the cellphone.

Speaking of the bears (no, not all of you), it was strange seeing a momma bear and her cubs right on Mainline at Blackcomb while I was riding up the Wizard chair. Especially because the same trail was open to bikers and hikers. I saw some hikers heading up the trail just below the bears. Some time later when I downloaded, I saw the same bears again. No hikers... hmm...

So the bears were out celebrating Canada Day!
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Thanks guys! Lisamarie, Mark, I lived in Whistler in "the old days"(1974-75) during the summers to train. Lived at the UBC lodge (was a racin' T-bird) and did some part-time help for Al & Nancy Raine with the Toni Sailer Camp (at one time even an early Garibaldi lift company employee...argh).
In those days, downtown pre-Blackcomb Whistler was basically the dump and the Government liquor store was in a mobile home there! Often I'd go there (I wasn't 19 yet, underaged) and have to wait for the bears to vacate before running to or from the beer place. It is hard to imagine the transformation of the place.
In those days Al Raine was trying to get another mountain "Brandywine" started there, Blackcomb was a lot of his doing (I got to ski it after the runs were cut before the lifts were installed).
Now that Al and Nancy (Greene-Raine, 1 gold, 1 silver Grenoble, WC overall 67&68) have turned around Sun Peaks, he has again spent a ton trying to open another mountain north of Pembroke/Whistler....but it looks like the First Nations (Indians) will win out on that front. Quite a pair of ski legends....and what a legacy they have left us!
So Mark, the bears are still there....but it's easier to get a beer. And don't thank me for Whistler....thank people like Al and Nancy Raine!
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Wow, Robin, such exaulted company around here.
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Hardly, Roto. I consider myself one of the lucky many, who at my age have witnessed the great rennasiance of skiing, or at least the "golden age" of the sport. Starting very young (my Dad taught)in lace ups through to shapes!
I got my CSIA I at the ripe age of 16 at Mt. Seymour and taught at night after highschool. Also lucky to have grown up in a country that loves skiing. The CSIA has almost as many instructors as the PSIA in a population of approx. one tenth that of the US., and the sport I think is #3 in the country. Just so much you can do in all that snow! Nancy Greene-Raine in fact was voted Canadas Female Athlete of the Millenium ...not bad for a skier!
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>and the sport I think is #3 in the country.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Ok. Curling is obviously #1. So what's #2?

Geoff (ducking)
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Jeez, if the Col. hadn't found Rogers Pass, maybe B.C. would have seceded?!
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It may still! British California may include Albertus interuptus in the formation of the Wet Coast Preservation District for Banana Slugs and Geoducks. Sorry, although most mapleheads enjoy a good bonspiel eh?, curling is still the bailywick of immigrant scots. Hockey by the by is not the national sport...lacrosse is except in West Van where it is Lacoste.
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C eh! N eh! D eh!
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>lacrosse is except in West Van where it is Lacoste.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
I thought the sport in West Van was sitting in traffic on the Lion's Gate?
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Yeah, that's what I'm talkin' "aboot". Happy C-Day, eh. I was always under the impression that Drinking coffee and being in a general funk was Canada's national pastime. At least that's my experience with most of the Canucks I know. (OK maybe it's just Robin) Fishing and cursing in French rank fairly high as well.

Robin, things are well here in SD. I forgot to celebrate the Great White North's big day with a few b-vo's, but I'll try and make up for it. I tried to swig a bit out of Hoser's dog dish, but he was "defendin' the beer, eh!" By the way, What the hell does "Bob's your Uncle." mean anyway????

Gotta Git. Plenty to do. Having fun gutting the '78 D-Wide for the big renovation. Later, eh.

Spag's quote of the day:
"I think I may just have a thing for girls who say 'aboot'."
-Jason Lee in "Chasing Amy".
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Bill Burgess just got a book about the origins of sayings that he showed me last week in AF (there for Joyceys wedding).
"Bob's yer uncle" is apparently derived from some 1800's Pomy clown (minister of the exchequer or something) who's uncle Bob was the PM. He tended to get jobs, land etc. because of good old uncle Bob. It means of course "you're a shoe in", "done deal" etc. In the canadian derivation of the phrase it has something to do with inbreeding.
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Robin, Say this out loud a few times and tell me what you think.

There's a mouse...
In the house...
Get it out...
Get it out.

Just a little poem I wrote for Canada Day!!!!
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I must have a knack for reciting poetry...said it three times fast while eating saltines! What's yer poowint?
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