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New Volants

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Volant was redesigned last year and are now built in a new site. I read that while reatining their trademark smoothness, they are dramatically more agile and hold a mean edge. Has anyone tried them? What did you think?
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I am the resident Volant Guru. Simply put, the new generation is everything you loved from the old ones plus more. That more is life. The new design adds much snap without loosing the edgehold and smoothness you were accustom to from Volant. Another plur, the skis are being built by Atomic, and they are using a higher quanlity edge and base material. All plusses. As far as length.. what ever length you are thinking.. go 5 shorter.
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do they still do the CHubb? any changes to the original? and how much are they now?

I remember that Volant had a delam problem, did they fix it?

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Phil's time is valuable; please don't ask him a question he answered just last month!
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As someone said they are still Volant's (for better or worse). If you liked them before you still will, If you didn't they still might be worst a shot, but they are still damp, stable skis (or read dead, heavy pigs)
delams and durability are getting better, but the red sidewalls bits still chip off but the metal cap now stays on the edge. They are still metal and still bend.
Not sure about the agile and edge hold, I just used the chubbs and had the spatulas. (and yes the spats suck on hard pack and rock in the soft)
Chubbs are back and they have a stiffer model the fat bastard (FB) They sell for around $600?
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I personally didn't see any of those questions asked or answered in that link.
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I have an older pair of Power Carvers. I was very impressed with them. I am told that these were made in Colorado. They are 188cm long stainless steel cap skis with laminated wood cores. They are relatively wide in the waist, have a good sidecut and make turns of most different radii well. They have excellent flotation in powder, are damp and Longitudinally rigid enough to power through crud (Strangely, the overall flex seems somewhat soft), and have relatively good hold on hard-pack. I bevel the edges a few degrees. The stainless steel cap provides the ski with comparable edge hold characteristics to a torsion box ski. The stainless is difficult to bond to the core and edges, almost no adhesive bonds well to stainless. Volant had problems at first with some of their skis delaminating and losing camber; however, this pair has held up well. Volant has treated me well in the past, as a customer. I use them as a powder ski and when conditions are choppy. I have never tried the new ones made by Atomic. Volant is not my main brand of ski; although, they seem to be a good product. They are somewhat heavy. I have not tried any Volant skis that were made with titanium alloy.

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Originally posted by RiDeC58:
Has anyone tried them? What did you think?
I never tried the old Volants, so I cannot compare the old with the new. But last season, a new Volant was my #1 favorite ski out of 13 skis I tested at Whistler.

Keep in mind that my style and preferred terrain makes me WAY BIASED in favor of power rather than agility. That said, the 2004 Volant Machete Fat Bastard 185cm (129/95/117) could do EVERYTHING I wanted it to do. It was a REALLY heavy and STRENUOUS ski (just the way I like it!), so it could bust through anything, excelled at high speeds on anything (well, I didn't try ice), and it very nearly rivaled the K2 Kahuna's power. However, I was even more surprised that I could actually make the Bastards dance with an unexpected sense of precision, agility and confidence-inspiring grip on terrain where I really needed that---you know, places where a monster ski like the Kahuna feels sketchy (e.g. when dropping into steep, firm/icy, narrow chutes). For me, these Volants are the best of both worlds: huge power with suprising agility.

Now, I regret that I didn't buy that used demo model when the rep offered it to me cheap at the end of the day. Now I'm way too cheap to buy it brand new, but I will not hesistate to buy a used pair after winter from an owner who becomes tired of the strenuous commitment required by the Bastard. That Volant left me tired and spent at the end of the day, but I could do more on those boards than on any of the other skis I tested last winter:

K2 Kahuna 189cm
Volkl Gotama 183cm
K2 Axis AK 188cm
Rossi Scratch BC 188cm
2003 Rossi XXX 185cm
2002 Dynastar BIGs 188cm
Salomon PocketRocket 185cm
Rossi B3 185cm
Dynastar Inspired by Nobis 188cm
Elan Mantis 777 184cm
Nordica Beast 12TT 188cm
Seth Pistol 179cm
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I started out skiing the Volant slalom skis (length 200cm) years ago. I loved the torsionally stiffness and longitudinal medium flex. The skis would last 2 months max. then the p-tex on the bottom would start to delam. or I would twist the ski torsionally and have to get them replaced, the edges were also not even on each side of the ski so when I tuned them 1 side would wear more (I do not like to switch edges so I keep tuning 1 edge to be my inside edge). Volant was great, replacing the skis each time (like 5+ pairs).

Then I got the Supercarve Legend (length 178cm). The Mahre brothers influenced the design of this ski when they worked with Volant. I love this ski. I bought 2 pair. My first pair has about 2 1/2 seasons on them or roughly 250 days. They are lasting, no problems, only thing is I've tuned the side edges down so much that I have to take down the steel cap sidewall and that is a bit(h. I don't want to mount the new ones yet. I love the turning radius and the overall dimesions of the ski, not too wide like the newer ones. I'm exteremly hesitant to try the newer skis because I like a ski that will turn more down the fall line than out of it. I did try the Atomic GS 9 in a 170ish length (forget exactly the length). I found it to be much softer, did not hold on ice, and did not hold in the turn. I wanted to try the GS11 because of it's a beefier ski but my boot won't fit the binding (small foot).

Based on my experience I'd highly recommend trying the Volants. I did not find the model I have to be heavy, although I know the Machete is. They hold well on ice, and have a nice even flex longitudinally. Definitely try them! I think the quality is also better than in the past because I ski my to the max and this last pair has really held up well. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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