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Freeskiing on ROCKS??

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Check this video out.


Pretty crazy!
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umm fake.... the editing is so cheesy and it CG.
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That pretty much rocks.

(thenk yewwww, g'night...I'll be here all week).
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Did they record that in the Smokeys this February?
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KBG Productions. That guy had a hard enough time skiing on snow:
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Originally Posted by BushwackerinPA View Post
umm fake.... the editing is so cheesy and it CG.
Really? Ya sure about that, cuz ya know, I think we were all fooled....
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um... can you say "CORE SHOT"!?!! You should post this on the tuning and maintainance forum and watch people cry their freakin eyes out.
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I like when he stops and the edges are hanging off and such :P
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The snow covered part looked like crapy snow. At least if snowbird was like that, I'd probably consider not going. The other part on the rocks was fake. There's no way they could slide down the mountain over all those rocks on skis, no way.
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