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Training Equipment

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I've tried Googling with little success, so was hoping some of you well informed guys could help out.

Could someone direct me to a website which sells stubbies or brushes (and indeed other useful equipment for race training).

Thanks in advance. :
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Thanks. I'm resigned to the fact that I'm unlikely to get much luck in the UK. I've found one place that might, but I'll have to call them as they don't list everything on their site.
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Denifl - great outfit and v helpful on phone too. Nice catalogue they send out

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Brushes are really easy to make if you need them and they are unavailable to you. What you basically need is:
a) Brush material, wich can be found @ most dollar stores.
b) Some kind of sheath (you don't need the carrot with threads if you use a small drill bit). We used heavy duty pvc tubing. You plug one end, stuff the bristles in the other, epoxy/tape it in place and voila, cheap brushes.
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