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2007/2008 Nordica Supercharger Enforcer (177)

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I got to try this ski out on Monday 3/31 at Jackson Hole. They had tons of snow in March and the 31st was another snowy day. We encountered thigh deep snow at several places on the mountain and most places we skied the snow was at least as deep as my boots were tall. I had skied the previous day and a half on my recently aquired Fischer Watea 84's but decided it was time to try something with a little more float. I stopped off at Jack Dennis Sports in the Teaton Village on my way to the Bridger Gondola. I had nothing really in mind when I decided to demo some skis. I told the staff that I was looking for something around 100mm or wider under foot. They pulled out about probably 8 pairs of skis that might have suited me. I started narrowing down the choices and finally settled on the Nordica's because of their combination of width, side cut, and beefy construction. We made out way up the mountain finally settling in for our first real run of the day which was Tower 3 Chute. The extra 15mm's under foot was noticable immediately. The Nordica's did a much better job keeping me afloat in the deep snow. The plowed almost effortlessly through broken snow on groomed run out on the way back to the Thunder Quad they carved turns as well as anything I skied this year. They held an edge extremely well at higher speeds on groomed snow which is probably one of the things that impressed me the most. I can only imagine what they would ski like if they were in my own well maintained fleet and now a demo ski. I didn't bother to try anything else because the snow was so great and the skis worked so well. I think I will be looking for a pair of these in the off season to use as my everyday ski next year.

I did figure something else out though. While they did offer much improved float in soft snow I would probably want something a lot wider and longer for a deidcated poweder ski. Given that I tip the scales at about 245 and ski rather aggressively the ski makes a pretty good all around ski.
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IMO you should go up at least one size to the 185 in that ski. At 245 you will eventually manhandle the 177s.
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I am thinking about it for next year. It took me a long to time convince myself to go shorter and now I am going back the other direction. Until I bought my Watea 84's I had not skied anything longer than a 170 in the last 7 or 8 years.
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FYI - SierraJim has the Enforcers on sale for a good price (~$350 if I remember correctly) - search the site.
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For a lighter weight skier?

Am looking at the Enforcer for a shorter lighter-weight skier. Wondering if you or anyone else who has skied this ski thinks it would work in a 169 length for 5'-5", 140 lbs skier?
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The Enforcer has a moderate flex making it decent for a lighter skier. The biggest complaint I've heard about the Enforcer is considered a virtue by others.....its has a signicant amount of sidecut in the tail which some people think makes the tail grabby in softer snow but others like because it holds turns on groomers much better. Because of the tail I'd only recommend it to a lighter skier with good technique.
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I have a pair of 169 Enforcers which I got a good deal on. They rip. I'm 5'10 160 lbs. I would like to replace that ski with a longer length, but they would be great for a smaller lighter skier, like my wife. She only wants Gotamas.
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