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Favorite sources for air fares?

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I could use a few tips on discounters to check with for airfares. What's everyone like to use?

Just had a trip planning catastrophe for a Sun Peaks trip--Air Canada pulled out of Orbitz.com yesterday and my next closest quote is $150 more per person. OUCH. That could kill Sun Peaks for us (in favor of Fernie).

I tried Expedia, Cheap Tickets, Travelocity, and Air Canada themselves, and they're all way high--two of them were $250 higher per person than Orbitz's quote from just two days ago. Talk about a day late and a dollar short... We're doing accommodations privately, so I'm not very confident tour operators are going to sell me just air and lift.

Any other sources I might try? I have to think that deal couldn't have been with just one discounter.


(flying out of Philadelphia, btw)
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I've found that Orbitz is consistantly the best prices and the best choices. Other than that I'd tell you to call a travel agent direct and tell them what you want. Good luck!
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what we do is zero in on the dates you want to fly & check all the airlines daily some times several times a day, I bought tickets one evening from one of the online retailers only to have them call me the next day to tell me the computers were not up to speed & they could not sell me the tickets after all at least not for the same cost, after that I bought them directly from delta, it turns out the airlines will throw up a special but only for a few hours, the trick is to catch the special, we have round trip from orlando to denver for 150.00, good luck
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Orbitz is pretty much the mack daddy. Snooze u lose.
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Avoid Priceline.com. I bought a ticket on United to Denver on the Priceline website, only to find it cheaper to purchase directly from United. Ouch!
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chepatickets.com has good deals from time to time
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I do all my research on Orbitz but always buy directly from the airline's website. Orbitz always adds that $5 fee per ticket and I'm usually buying multiple tickets. Also, airline websites frequently have "web"fares that you can only get on their site.

I've used Hotwire.com with great success but you have to be very flexible on flight times. It works best if you're flying into an airport that doesn't allow late arrivals (i.e. Jackson Hole and Steamboat)...that way you know you're going to get in there at a decent hour.

Like somebody else said, I also check sites 2-3 times a day when I'm within 60 days because you never know when the special will pop up or how long it will last.
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I've had GREAT luck with Hotwire.com
Again as someone said you don't have a choice when you travel as in time of day but I got a ticket from Phila to Montrose Co for $362 same ticket on United was over $600
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I use bestfares.com. You have to be a member to buy some fares but it always gives you great fares and a number to compare to (member or not) so you will know what a really good deal is.
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