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What ski to buy?

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I've changed my mind a hundered dif. times on what I want to buy. Maybe some more opinions would encourage me to buy something. I'm 5"9' and about 183#. My home ski hill here in the midwest is all groomers. Out west (J Hole, Crested Butte etc.) I mainlty ski blacks and of piste. I've narrowed it down to the Watea 84 in a 176 or the Public Enemy in a 174 or a 179. Some say they ski short, some say long?
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I was in the same boat last week. I ended up getting a set of Nordica Hot Rod Nitrous skis. (they're in transit...I check UPS multiple times a day.)

Anyways, research, research, research. I joined and checked out the reviews there. ($20 a well spent IMHO). I also searched the review forum and this forum for ski reviews.

As far as what you're looking for...I've heard good things about both not a lot of help from me!
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I had (and just sold) the PE in 179 and it does ski a bit short. I'm 6' and 188. You could probably get away with the 174, but the 179 will serve you better off piste out west.

Watea 84 is supposed to be a very good ski. A bit more biased to soft snow than the PE. PE would be a better 1 ski quiver for your home hill and out west.

I replaced the PE with the Watea 94 since I wasn't skiing the PE much around here and wanted a soft snow ski for out west to go with my Fischer RX8 carvers for around here.

If you are looking for one ski for both you also might want to look at the Fischer Cold Heat. It's 82 in the waist and a better carver than the Watea 84 from what everyone is saying. I may check them out as a "wide carver" for in between the RX8 and the Watea 94.

Good luck with the search!

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Just a question- what do you look for more in a ski- stability at speed or agility? If you ski off-piste alot and need something nimble, you may want to look at the mojo 90. It skis really agile and light even moreso than the PE, and has a bit more float in pow than either of the skis you mentioned. I ski it out here on EC boilerplate and still love 'em so believe they're not just for freshies. The only thing I can think of as an advantage in the Watea is high-speed stability and edge holding in super extreme carves. I've demoed them both (PE & Watea) and find the Mojo 90 to be freakin' perfect. I always recommend them to PE shoppers, cuz I loved the PE too, but the Mojos really do outdo them in every way and you don't see them out alot. (but you will see them on Johnny Mosley's feet, as he skis 'em) If you're a speed guy, go with the Watea (or the iM88). If you're an "everything", trees or a pow guy, go with the Mojo 90, not the PE. I'm 5'9" and 170 and ski the '08 in a 176 with nay a regret. Please let me know if you'd like me to address or juxtapose any specific attribute of any of the skis against each other- I know it's tough to decide when there's so many options out there, but hey- that's what we're here for!
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Consider the Volkl Tigershark

It was THE top rated all mountain expert ski in the Sept '07 SKI mag gear reviews - specialty: groomers but with all-mountain versatility.
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DoWork - can you describe the flex of the Mojo, particularly as it compares to the PE? Thanks.
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