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Mad River Glen 4/7/08 SUNSHINE

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In the "ski it if you can" spirit, I found that I COULD on Monday so headed up with my younger kids for what may be the last good day of our season. It was GREAT, not good.

Our only other experience at MRG was dead cold and gray in February and that was exceptional - but this was beyond our wildest dreams great. I was skeptical on the drive up Sunday night and arrived in the dark but Monday a.m. dawned bright and blue and the hills were covered with white. A couple bare spots here and there where it's scraped off on an exposed knob but it's covered deep top to bottom. And when it warmed up about mid morning the bumps were soft, easy, and endless, with sugary corn snow.

A lot of runs down Canyon, Catamount, upper Antelope, Fall Line, Paradise, and some off the double, but the absolute run of the day was Lower Antelope. We kept bumping into a guy who took a group photo for us early in the day - saw him again at the top of Lower Antelope, asked him about the trail, which we had avoided cause it looked like a bit of a hike at the bottom to get back to the base, and he said "it's no problem, follow me". He was wearing a gold PSIA pin so I figured why not at least try -- and it was just superb. Narrow, twisty, every second focussed on the next bump, and that bump would be perfectly placed and contoured to speed you into the next move. Felt like being in a pinball machine (in a good way). Before getting to the bottom he took us over a little bridge into the woods - maybe 50 yards of traversing through the woods and shazam, skied down to the base.

Pics to follow later if I can figure out how to post, but for now, here's a link to MRG's video from the day before, in identical conditions - aptly titled, "HERE COMES SUNSHINE" -- http://www.madriverglen.com/gallery_...0000000190.mov

FWIW driving south on 100 we got clear views of Sugarbush looking every bit as good.
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Hope these will do it justice. Also hope I can figure out how to post pics!

Heading up the single chair:

Looking north from the single chair, up to the double chair area:

Top of the double chair, nice bowl full of sunny bumps:

ts01, ts01.2, ts01.1, top of the single:

ts01, trying not to hit the lollipop, upper canyon:

ts01.1, showing us how it's done, lower canyon:

ts01.2, taking it easy, lower canyon:

ts01.2, maybe a little TOO easy, lower canyon:

Calling it a day (and a season):
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I ended up driving home from Bump phest on Monday...Looks like you had a great day.
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Looks like a great day. Skiing wth teenage children is the best.

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Yup. They go hard, then they crash hard. And definitely make a better skier out of me.
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Phil - Wished I could've made the bump phest on Sunday as well, that would have been a great combo. But real life intruded. Maybe next year, we are all hooked on the spring skiing now.
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