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Boot liners feel packed out - what to do?

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I have a pair of 3-year old Head Edge 9.8 boots, and they now feel rather roomy. They seem to fit well - I'm an 11 US and they're a 28.5 Mondo. But I'm feeling a loosey-goosey lack of control, especially with my smaller right foot. I also worry that they're not stiff enough for my advancing skiing ability.

Question: Should I try an aftermarket liner, or am I in for a new pair of boots?
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check the shell fit first. (remove liner, toes to the shell front and tell us how much room you have behind your heel and the boots shell.

that boot is soft, and VERY wide too.

if the shell is too big a new liner will not help you at all, as it will also pack out to be too big.
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Agree with mntlion. Edges are big boots. The shell size in terms of length seems appropriate but it is easily possible the shell is to high volume.

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Thanks to both. I'll check the shell fit this weekend. I was also interested in your comment that these Head Edge boots are very soft. I do often feel that I can't engage my tips as much as I think I should, despite flexing and pushing forward a lot. Might that be a function of soft boots? And might moving up to something like the Head S11 help?

Lou, love your web site.
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sometimes people find boots that are too big are to flex too.

I would look for smaller, narrower too.
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thanks for the comment about the website. We'll be adding more information over the summer.

Ability to pressure tips can be related to binding position. What skis are you skiing? Also too long a boot automatically mounts you back.
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I ski Head iC160s. Not sure what position the binding is in, though I assume it's in the middle position.
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Not familiar with the 160s. Is it using the railflex system that allows you to reposition the binding?

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Yes, you can reposition the bindings, an inch or so back and forth. I'm thinking of moving them forward. Do you think that would help me engage the tips better?
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Hard to answer accurately without knowing more about the current binding position and your boots. But in general moving bindings forward increases tip pressure and moving rearward decreases tip pressure.

But since it is so easy to move this binding have fun experimenting.

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and maybe check the shell fit and tell us that too.

if the boots are 1-2 sizes too big, the binding position will help, but not that much if your foot is just slopping around in the boot
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