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Glad to hear NASTAR is going back to Steamboat, but bummed about the date change back to later in March. Aren't we going to slush skiing at the lower elevations where the race courses will be set?

HQ responded:

We understand your concern regarding the date but there are many factors that must be weighed when determining the date. Steamboat has a complex model that is used to determine when the resort will be at maximum capacity. Unfortunately the second and third weekends of March are forecast to be very busy and the resort cannot host our event when they are at capacity. In addition, the hosting resort needs to supply discounted lift tickets and lodging for participants and they could not provide us with the discounts we require during the middle of March. We did considered hosting the event earlier in March but we found that we would be in conflict with many other races, and with February 16th as the qualifying deadline (Presidents Day) we would not give participants enough time to organize their trip.

The weather in the Rockies is very unpredictable, in fact we are still getting snow and the conditions are still great but the lifts have not been running for weeks. I agree that the weather was not ideal for the 2007 NASTAR National Championships but the week after the event it was cold with mid-winter conditions.

Our goal is to provide the participants and their guests with the best experience possible. This includes great racing conditions, great hospitality, great lift ticket pricing, great prices and availability at the lodging properties and great celebrity athletes.

Steamboat is committed to hosting the best NASTAR National Championships possible and each year they have made the event better. I am confident that the 2009 Nature Valley NASTAR National Championships will again raise the bar.