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Nordica Olympia Beast 12

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Is this boot (or the whole Olympia Beast series) still in production? It's not listed on the Nordica 2008 site.
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the whole Beast range has been superseeded by Speedmachine
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Hello Crystal,

CEM is partially correct. As a whole the Beast series is being replaced by the Sportmachine series. New boot, new molds, very appropriate for the market. It fits similar to Speedmachine, but is a bit more relaxed in geometry for skiing.

In the U.S. market, there are still a few versions of the Beast available for 08/09. Dealers were offered a Beast 10 for men and women. 80 flex, with no flex adjustment. Same Beast fit, same Beast performance. It will not show up in the consumer brochures or on their website. They also have the Beast hidden in the Supercharger Series in a youthful cosmetic, and the furry liner model called the Supercharger Spark. I believe that it also is an 80 flex. I will check the catalog later today.

We have this years Beast 10 and Beast 10 W still in stock. We also have the Supercharger Spark from this year as well. PM me if you are interested.

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inthe UK and [i think europe] Beast dissappeared 2 years back, replaced with speedmachine [100mm last], the new sport machine has the forefoot of the GTS range [ 104mm] and the heel of the speedmachine [which is narrower than the GTS] makes for a wide forefooted boot with good heel fit. lower price point than the speedmachine and more relaxed fit

interesting to see Nordica North America have continued to run this range

note to self...remember that epic is US based
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In the U.S. market the Beast options for the 08/09 season are:
Beast 10
Olympia Beast 10
Supercharger Ignition
Supercharger Spark
Supercharger Flash

The new Sportmachine is coming to replace the Beast line. It is basically a Beast shaped/lasted lower shell that is slightly abducted, with a Speedmachine cuff. The forefoot width is 101mm just like the Beast.

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in which case either nordica US are lying to you or UK are lying to me....which wouldn't suprise me

the third option is that the sportmachine you guys are gettin gis a differnt prodcut with the same name.... i know not
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I don't know about you guys, but I'm confused. :

I tried on a pair of Beast 10's when I was in Colorado, which was probably the best fitting boot straight out of the box I have ever tried on. However, I understand the 10 is really an intermediate boot right? If they'd had the 12 I would have bought it, but they didn't.

I guess it's back to square one now if I can't get a Beast 12.
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I can see how this might be confusing for you, let me see if I can make things crystal clear.

Originally Posted by crystal View Post
Is this boot (or the whole Olympia Beast series) still in production? It's not listed on the Nordica 2008 site.
You want to know if the old Olympia Beast 12, or the whole Olympia Beast series is still in production. The correct answer is the old Olympia Beast 12 is no longer in production. The Olympia Beast 10 is still in production. Now hang with me because this is where it gets complicated....

Nordica still produces the old Olympia Beast 12, but they do not call it the old Olympia Beast 12. It is sold under the model name Supercharger Ignition. It comes in sizes 23 to 30 mondopoint. The shell is exactly the same as the old Olympia Beast 12, it has the same flex and flex adjustment as the old Olympia Beast 12 (80 or 90 flex) The only functional difference in these models is the material against the foot of the Ignition is softer to the touch. Otherwise you will not be able to tell the difference between an old Olympia Beast 12 and the Supercharger Ignition.

Now that I have made that clear as mud, hang in here a moment longer for a peak into the future of the Nordica line. For next year, this means available in September of 2008, you can buy from Nordica an Olympia Beast 10 (same fit as the 12 but with a 70 flex shell with no adjustment), or a Supercharger Ignition (that is the same boot as the old Olympia Beast 12)

OK, if you are still with me up to here, this is where Nordica takes a leap into hyperspace. Those crazy Italians went and redesigned a new boot to replace the Beast series. These boots are called Sportmachines, or in the case of the women's models called Olympia Sport. They used the lower shell last of the Beast and the upper cuff shape of the Speedmachine series. They built these boots to improve on the very popular Beast series. IMO they have accomplished that goal.

What does this mean for you? It means that if you need to have an Olympia Beast 12, you can get it with the Supercharger Ignition. Or you have another excellent choice of appropriate Nordica boots with the new Olympia Sport 12(65/75flex ) or 14 ( 75/85flex )

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