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Rossi Bandit B78 v. Phantom 80

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I ski the '07 B78 (174cm) and love it. It is soft, pivots very well, holds well on hard snow, is forgiving and i am not too tired at the end of the day.
The '09 B78 is called the Phantom 80. It is wider at the waist (80 mm V. 78) than my ski. I think Rossi wanted to make a ski with is a little wider than the 78 and a little narrower than the 83. The latter has been discontinued. The new ski is also wider at the tip and tail than my ski. It has a smaller radius.

The construction is very different. It has a wood core, sandwich construction with two layers of titanium. I did not have the chance to ski the 80. Anyone skied the new ski? How does it compare to the '07 model? I expect the new ski to be heavier and stiffer than my ski. The '07 B78 is soft and i can ski the 174 for better flotation in powder. For my weight, Rossi recommends the 170 Phantom 80, not the 175 which is the size i would be getting. It means that the ski is probably stiffer.

Thank you.
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I've skied the B1's before and just tried the Phantom SC 80 in 175 this weekend. We were up at Sugar Bowl and the snow went from icy to slush during the day and the Phantom worked well everywhere. They have a light feeling, are easy to turn, and were responsive. I liked hem better than Legends 8000s. Just as good on the hill but I didn't have to worry about catching an edge on the flatter stuff like with the 8000s.

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If you liked the 78, you'll like the Phantom 80. That said, are you sure it has two layers of titanium ? Was under the impression it was basically the 78 with a solid wood core. 

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I'm an upper intermediate skier, 6 ft, 170 lb, 59 years old. I skied the Phantom SC 80 in 175 cm last week at Grouse Mountain in BC. Conditions were hardpacked snow with patches of refrozen granular, like piles of sugar, and some scraped off icy sections. The Phantom felt light, flexy, and undemanding. Easy to turn but just as happy going straight. Didn't "hunt" for turns like some carving skis do. Very forgiving, would be great for "finesse" skiers or older skiers wanting to relax a bit. Not demanding, not a lot of pop out of the turn, would be boring for hard-charging experts. The Phantom has a wood core, is marketed as a mainly soft-snow ski, but it comes across as a blending of a twin-tip and a "system" ski. It is 80mm in the waist with a bit of a raised tail. The integrated binding is mounted closer to the middle, giving it a longish tail like a park ski. I have skied twin-tips for years, so I should be okay with that, but the binding position on the Phantom initially felt too far forward. You really have to let the ski do it's thing and feel the entire ski. With the integrated binding, you feel the full length of the ski in the turn, but the ski doesn't want to be rushed, so forget about short, quick turns. I am considering buying either the Phantom or the Dynastar Legend 8000. The Legend gets good reviews and is priced locally at $100.00 less than the Phantom, plus I have other Dynastar skis that I enjoy. The problem is I haven't been able to demo the Legend, so the previous comment about the Phantom being better than the Legend 8000 and not having to worry about "catching an edge" is interesting. Catching an edge is no problem at all with the Phantom as it very forgiving. My skiing skills are not that great and a high-end ski will usually locate and magnify my poor technique in a hearbeat. Not so with the Phantom. I have never been on a ski that made me feel like I could be as bad or as good as I wanted, to work hard or to slack off. That being said, I don't think the Phantom will be a big seller. Expert ski will be saying "where's the beef?" while the higher-than-average price tag will scare off the mid-to-lower level skiers who would really enjoy this ski. 

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