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Skidepot is having a sale on those and I desperately need to change (for next year) my Fischer SL who got trashed by one of my athletes. Not her fault, but the tip bent when she entered a big-hard rut: the edges where razor thin anyway and they were 2005 vintage...

So, I've had many people say that they ski great in a 165 and I'd rather not go back to Fischer who are way too burly in a mens size and too soft in a 155 (my opinion). I'd love to go to Rossi who tested well at the start of the season when I got on them, but I don't want to spend mucho dinero for ski + bindings (I've yet to see the SL on sale, anywhere).

But the Fischers had one great quality: they would take any race binding. A quick look @ the Blizzard website and pictures of the ski lead me to believe that the Blizzard plate is very much akin to the Nordica one and that it would take a Salomon binding just fine (S914 or S916, I have both). Is it the case ? I've e-mail skidepot but I'd figured this would be a good place to ask.

EDIT: Skidepot got back to me and said there would be no problem since it's a plastic VIST plate. Mod please lock/delete.