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Who knows what is Skwal?

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Who knows what is Skwal?
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Looks like a carving snowboard, except the binding configuration is in line, like a waterski with a foot fore and aft.
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Considering the ad for them you posted in the classified section of this forum I think it must have something to do with spam or trolling.
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it's a species of stonefly, with the terminal "a" chopped off like the tail of a Manx cat.

Lookee here, Elmo!
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Skiwal is like a mono water-ski. If you click on and click through to ecoles de ski, then select ESF, then activities you will see a photo of Christel Bizel, European Champion 2001 and french Champion 2002. She took last year off to give birth! So if you want to learn how to Skiwal come to La Rosiere.
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That's what I said...euro-trash tongue depressor! Heh, Heh!
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Skwal, Southern slang version of female American Indian.
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Its short for Squawlywood
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This commercial message has been provided by Pete, President and CEO of Skwal France. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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Hi Pete; and welcome to the best snowsports board on the internet!!

I would like to apologize for the 'unwelcoming' welcome you recieved. We do get a lot of trolls, and there seems to be some kind of contest as to which 'watchdog' can spot the most.

Please feel free to join in on any discussions that interest you. Your unique outlook on snowsports activities, and passion for what you find exciting are a welcomed addition. I, for one, am very interested in seeing your unique outlook blended into some of the more spirited discussions on this board.

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I am ashamed of myself.

I offer my sincere apologies for my most "unwelcoming welcome". Despite the fact that the original posts of the Skwal proponents were a bit on the commerical side, I would like to echo Feal's sentiment.

Welcome aboard!

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It is the sound of many unhappy babies. (Aw, cmon!)
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Does Burton make a squall? I saw a couple guys riding them here a couple years back and I thought they were made by burton? :
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Mother Nature makes the skwala stonefly, with a little help from those that already are here in our streams and rivers
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You ever try monoskiing? I used to, and still do once in a while. (I still have 3 boards in my basement.) If you like the skwal you probably would like monoskiing as well.
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It is an American spelling for a windy/rough time at sea, not a storm, but just a bit choppy. Not the kind of thing that landlubbers like, but fine if you've got sea legs.
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Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Hey! I do like <font color=green>eggs</font> and ham.

It looks like Kenneth is having some fun Skwalin' at A-Basin.


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Hi Pete--

The photo sequences are of Kenneth Mackern, who was a Skwal factory rep here in Colorado a few years back, and Bill "Slotcar" Sloatman, a top alpine skiing instructor at Keystone, who is also (obviously) pretty good on the Skwal too. I shot both sequences at Arapahoe Basin in the spring of 1999.

The sequences are created from stills extracted from original digital video footage and carefully assembled in Corel PhotoPaint or Adobe Photoshop (I use both--don't remember which I used for these).

I have a few more sequences, mostly of Bill. Unfortunately, I don't know where Kenneth is these days, but Bill still reps and teaches on the Skwal at Keystone. I'm afraid I do not know which models they were on in these photos.

Personally, I've played on a Skwal a little bit with Bill, back when I worked at Keystone. It's been a while!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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There was some sort of Skwal clinic at Loveland on Wednesday. The practitioners were very good!

Bob, I don't know if you remember the Swiss instructor at Eldora named Markus Beck. He uses one every so often and is very impressive!

Pete, isn't there some sort of "carving" competition held in europe on skis, sans poles, where competitors ski around short little gates or cones?

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Just curious, if skiing resorts are willing to tolerate Skwal on their slopes. Is that an issue at all?
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