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Ski suggestions?

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Hello, I just stumbled upon this forum in search of my first pair of skis (no more rentals or borrowing) and it seems to have a great knowledge filled community.

From reading the sticky, I think this information will be useful. And sorry if I am slow with some terms.

Male, 6", 158lbs, 16 years old

From looking at the scales listed I think I am around a 7 or 8 generally skiing intermediate and black diamond runs without too much trouble. This is my second season skiing, and I like to think that I learned pretty fast. I like almost any terrain, although steep mogul runs sometimes screw me up a bit. Just this season I have ventured onto some jumps and I quite like it, hopefully I will continue to do more park stuff as I go. I do relatively large turns, and I like to go at quite a brisk pace, and sometimes even faster.

I live in socal, and when I can ski at Mountain High east and west, and I just went to baldy the first time this weekend (although it was more like rocks covered in slush). I went to Deer Valley this winter and loved that, its just a shame how freaking far away it is. I think like most sane people I am not fond of ice and slush, both of which seem to be common around here.

Last year at Heavenly I demoed/rented some Salomon Foils (I think, they had a florescent green bottom) and really liked those. I also rented some red Nordicas (again, I think) and did quite well on those.

I have no skis at the moment, and have been renting/borrowing for quite a while.

For a few days at Deer Valley I used my friend's granddad's old ass Salomon 197 or something huge like that and didn't really like it very much. The same goes for my friend's K2 silencers which I used last weekend, but I think the conditions made everything feel quite odd, as those skis felt very slippery and vague on the slush that covered the melting mountain, but they have also never been sharpened so that could also have made them feel poopy.

These skis will be my only skis, and I hope to get a little more into park, while still skiing the groomed and ungroomed runs around here. Power would also be a lot of fun so basically a ski that is versatile would be ideal.

And sorry for the lengthy post, hopefully it will avid me having to clarify too much .
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I'd say K2 Public Enemy. Super cheap, fun and will do it all (park, groomers, freshies, etc...) while being super easy to ski. At your size I'd probably go for a 179cm length. Good luck and ski safe!
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So are the PE similar to the foils? Or more park orientated? Can anyone compare the two?

Thanks, Kostya
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PE is a lot like the Foil. More of an all-mountain twin than a park-only ski.
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Well I was at the ski shop and I noticed some other skis that looked suitable for this category:

the Volkl Mantra (a bit wider than other skis I'm looking at, but my friend just picked up some skis about the same width and loved them on anything)

And the Fischer Addict, which the guy in the shop said is comparable to the PE, and it comes with bindings in the deal.

And they also had a set of 1080 Guns, but they are more expensive.

If I could I would demo all of these, but almost all the snow on places around here is disappearing, so opinions/experience would really help.
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Originally Posted by speedf50 View Post
but they have also never been sharpened so that could also have made them feel poopy.
No kidding!! :

I'd say Icelantic Pilgrim in a 169 or even a 179.
Very versatile, slightly wider twintip. You'l love it!!
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I have heard mixed reviews about the foils, and have several friends that consider them to be the antichrist. There's many skis that may be better for what you're going to be using them for, but they're more expensive, and require a higher skill level to squeeze the performance out of them. I say PE because it's probably one of the cheapest skis on the market and it's uber-easy to ski. It's one of the best all-around skis I've ever tried and if you want something to explore the park, the backside, ski in the spring, and enjoy the occasional romp in the pow, they'll treat you great. For the money, there's probably nothing better if you're trying to explore and find out what you really like to do and get you skill level up a bit. Try Ebay. I'd love to tell you to buy Head Mojo 90s, but they cost more. It's what I ski and it rips the mtn a new one every time, but I don't know if you want to spend the extra dough. If the money isn't a big deal to you, go for it- they rock the socks off of everything and take the PE's lunch money in my opinion.
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You don't say if you own your own boots. If not, buy them first, get them fitted properly, and then look for skis. If you don't have good fitting boots that are appropriate for you any skis you buy will not perform well. Boots first always.
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