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Similarities to other trades

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Though ski and snowboard tuning and maintenance is a hobby, skill, technique and tool set in it's own right, there are tons of similarities to other skill, technique and tool sets of other hobbies, trades and disciplines.

Woodworking and metal work are two obvious ones to me. What other cross overs do others see? Tools and techniques that have good cross over applications?

Here's a good article on Using Card Scrapers that applies to base work. IMO, plastic bases in general have many similarities to wood and it's manipulations.
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Today's tip: keep your roll of tape away from dirt, a clean edge is the only edge that can work.

We could probably start a DIY/LIY sewing page, too, call it 'sailors go skiing' or summat.
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...just kidding! I think your perceptions are right on the money. I built a deck, and boy, was that an education. Probably one of the few things that saved me was having the patience to realize I had to learn and perfect a whole bunch of new skills...just as I did when I taught myself to tune skis. I also think other sports stuff, such as but not limited to doing your own wrench work on a road or mountain bike, or learning to string tennis rackets, are other, similar skills...
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Great idea to start a thread.... As soon as I started reading about tuning here I thought of the woodworker's scraper. Also, it seems like one could make the plastic wax scraper out of scraps of plexiglas rather than paying ski shop prices for a piece of plastic.

What I've been racking my brain about, however, is another source for the polishing brushes rather than paying $30 at a ski shop for a brush. If anyone has found an alternative, please reply.
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There are clearly tools that are multi-discipline and others that are clearly esoteric for good reasons....and then there are the crossover tools like scrapers.

I suppose you can find brushes that'll work that are not ski or snowboard specific. But if you have no luck we have quite a selection of value oriented and sweet brushes, including ovals and rotos. Like all our products, we provide basic to high end options, while trying to provide good information to help you find what works for you.
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