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Flawed Mid Trip Report - Solitude

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I came to Solitude on Monday 3/31 for the last 2 weeks of the season. I arrived to 16" of new snow from the previous day and got a little more on Tuesday and Wednesday. Things are filled in like I've never seen them. Areas where I can easily get (small) cliffed out can be skied continuously without a crux. For the first 2 days there was some fresh powder, soft cut-up, and firmer PNW type snow to be had. North facing bumps have plenty of soft coating. By Friday and Saturday the southern facing slopes were pretty crusty (although I still took some runs because I like what I learn and what it shows me about my skiing). There has been a little snow all along the way.

Yesterday (Sunday) in spite of a few inches of new snow the prospects for the resort didn't seem all that appealing so a local friend and I went for a little tour from the resort. Took the Summit lift (last day of the season for that lift) to Highway to Heaven, back around up Davenport Peak and took the first tree lined chute before the peak. The snow was deep, soft (pure north facing), and completely filled in (4-6" the night before + wind). Absolutely terrific powder skiing. As we looked up from the bottom we saw that the main face of Davenport was well scraped and were assured we had made a good choice in choosing the earlier chute. We then skinned back up a sub-ridge (Flanagan's) and skied down the north side. A little heavier powder awaited us but my friend, sinking in a bit on tele's, got face shots. I was limited to chest shots on both runs. This was a short tour that is very popular from Solitude yet we still got prime conditions

Today I'm just heading out and it is DUMPING. We expect up to a foot or more of fresh snow. With temperatures ranging from the mid twenties to mid thirties it doesn't look like I'm going to see much of spring (except for some heavy slop and crust). However, I would say that skiing is well above average mid winter level.

Sorry about no pictures. I have a camera but I just haven't been motivated to take it out.

Side Note: I don't think I've taken a run where I haven't thought about Weems and his family.
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While Bushwacker wasn't skiing with his buddies at Snowbird (http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=69269) Monday, 4/7, he joined me for the day at Solitude. As the Summit lift closed on Sunday, 4/6, and the Milk Run Gate off of the Powderhorn lift was closed some of the more "exciting" possibilities were excluded. HOWEVER, we had no trouble having lots of fun in the foot of fresh powder with fresh tracks lasting throughout the day. Thanks for the fun day, Josh.

Today, Tuesday, 4/8, Bushwacker and I headed up to Snowbasin. There we hooked up with 4rster. He showed us a number of great runs. While Snowbasin only got 5" on Monday, there were totally fresh faces to be had with the creamy new snow on packed (sometimes a bit crusty snow). Fresh tracks were available throughout the entire day! Every time I go to Snowbasin my ratings for that place go up. It is a great mountain, especially when you get to chase 2 good skiers around all day! While we didn't get to them today, I'm definitely looking forward to a day with good light, good snow, and safe conditions to hike the ridge from the gondola and ski some of those steep chutes off the top. Thanks 4rster and Josh for a great day of skiing!
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Thanks back,
Both you guys are great... It was fun to finally meet & ski with a couple of Bears!
Si, it looks like you're gonna have to go ski more pow today.
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I know I hope everyone has some sympathy for a flatlander who has been forced to ski 10 days in a row and now is going to be forced to ski an 11th day because of another dump. I really want/need a day off but it would be sacrilege to pass this new snow up.
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