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Nothing wrong with a little bulldozing on occasion.

Being a big guy (6'5" and 210 lbs) I rather enjoy powder that is a little thicker because it helps my constant bigger fight with gravity. Cold Smoke is certainly sweet, but if there is a little resistence you can control your speed by simply pressuring the tips a little, and I love that "reverese accelerator" feel of being able to lean forward or back to speed up or slow down without having to turn. Nothing like being able to stay in the fall line but still having subtle speed control.

When is comes to deep snow it's all good, but I seem to enjoy the days with "big guy snow" a little more.
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The thing I most enjoy about alaska is how the conditions change from one day to the next. One day it's hardpack like back east (great to bring out the race skis on) and the next is knee deep powder. The only real issue I have is the fog. It can get pretty bad on some days. Although living in the Chugach mountains and 45 minutes from Alyeska makes this not so big a deal as I can always come back tomorrow.
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