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Hotel In Chamonix....phewy

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Does anyone concur with this.........recently stayed in Chamonix March 8th - 15th at the Hotel Prieure. Staff were indifferent to my problem when I reported my shoes stolen from the hotel foyer.......(not recovered.)......not interested.

Are they trained to become rude and aloof or does it just come naturally?
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Welcome to Europe. Indifferent service is not always the case, but often it is.
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The moral to this story is that shoes and feet should not be separated when in a hotel foyer in Chamonix.
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I'm sure there was a perfectly logical explanation why you were sans shoes in the hotel foyer.

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I cannot comment on staff from Hotel Prieure - becos I haven't stayed there. I did however stay at Hotel Alpina last month and I think they belong to the same Hotel group as Prieure.

My experience is completely opposite to yours. The front desk staff went out of their way to help me out - whenever I needed it. I left my bags in an unlocked closet in the lobby overnight. No problems.

I would say your problem has to do with particular individual(s).
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Maybe your shoes were stinky and they threw them out.
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Originally Posted by Lucky View Post
Maybe your shoes were stinky and they threw them out.
We stayed at this hotel in Chamonix last September:


They were very nice and we enjoyed it. We didn't lose any shoes, but then we didn't leave any in the foyer, either. If you go there, request one of the rooms that look out over the river.

We thought the place was great for a "middle"-priced hotel.

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I stayed at the Croix Blanche a few years back and the whole experience was great.
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I stayed at the Prieure many years ago and it was a dump then. Bad rooms, bad food, bad staff. There are many better choices in Cham.
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