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04 Atomic bindings

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Is anyone aware of a 04 Atomic 412 Race binding recall? I have a pair of older 04 Atomic SX 11 that I love but I broke the 412 race binding and this binding is made special for the ski. I was told in Banff CA that other have had problems with the heel of this binding. I'd like to find a replacement binding.
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That model is still available. Have your dealer order it in.
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The problem is I now live in Hawaii. I now have to do everything by internet. But I appreciate the information. I was told those bindings were no longer available. I will look further into this. Do you know if the 2005 atomic bindings fit the 2004 Atomic SX 11 ski profile?

Thanks for the information.
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Race 1018 D024900
Race 614 D024920Race 412 D024940

These model bindings are still used on the FIS legal race skis. Any Amer brand (Atomic, Salomon, Wilson, Suunto) retailer should be able to order the binding for you.

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