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Please Help!

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I am looking for a All mountain twin tip. I probaly spend about 70% All mountain and 30% Park. I want a sementrical twin tip with side cut and thats not to fat. I can go anywhere from 155-170. Preferably somewhere around a 90mm waist? I also dont want it to be too heavy. I have been looking at Line, 4frnt, Armada, K2 and some other brands. Also if the graphics have guns on them (K2 PE and others) i cant get them because my dad is against the war.

Thanks for all your help!
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What a nice request Please tell us what kind of skier you are and who you are.. btw. welcome to epic
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:P. I am considered an expert skier. I am 13 and growing. I love going off jumps, Cliffs, throught the trees but not so much groomed runs. maybe 4% groomed.

Height-5'2" but in the middle of an growth spurt
Weight- 105 pounds
Body type- Athletic
Shoe Size- 9.5-10 US

Skis can be bigger than average because ill use them next year. So consider im 5'4"-7"

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Gueess that didnt help?
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try newschoolers.

Symmetrical twins are not usually all that great all-mountain. Here are some to consider:

1. Volkl Karma (no longer produced, but you might be able to get some used ones fairly cheaply). Great all round ski, but might be a bit stiff for you at this point.

2. Dynastar Troublemaker (better all mtn than park?). Last year's Dynastar Nothing But Trouble is a pretty good buy right now.

3. Dynastar Big Trouble (for deeper snow and backcountry, wider waist = 92 or so - good tree ski, IMHO)

4. Armada ARV (soft, but ok all mtn - wider waist than you are describing). The T-Hall and Pipe Cleaner are good skis, but I cannot vouch for how they ski in trees, off piste, etc.

5. Head Mojo 80 or 90 (depending on depth of snow you want to ski in)

As for Line - their Prophet skis are great all mtn, but they are directional flex, meaning that they are not ideal for park. Great skis, though, and you might find an end of season deal. Basically what you want is a ski that has decent stiffness underfoot and is not too stiff in the tips.
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Ok thanks so much
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