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Originally posted by John J:
Actually, I was thinking 4mil house+ 250,000 fee+ let us say 10years dues (16,000 a year currently) divided by a 4 person family skiing 120 days each year ( Yeah.)
About $900 a day per person.
Oops! Forgot about the equipment.
Sounds like the beginning to one of those "priceless" MasterCard ads.

It's obviously out of my furthest dreams to ever be able to ski there, but I read a quote from either Warren Miller or someone who decided to move there comparing it to Aspen or Vail. Four million dollars buys a lot more house at YC than you'll get at either Vail or Aspen and you don't get the place to yourself at those two. I don't know how the terrain is there, but if I had that much disposable income and the terrain was decent, I couldn't think of anything else better to blow my money on.

If they would just take Alta private in a similar fashion, we'd probably all work a little harder at becoming multi-gazillionaires!
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I know people who do have that kind of income net worths that are beyond my wildest dreams. They have homes in Deer Valley or The Colony at the Canyons. They could afford membership and more at The Y Club. John skis about 100 days a season He looked into the Yellowstone Club and his take on it is that it is to exclusive. He like the energy and feel of being on the mountain with all kinds of people. In his opinion if he wants exclusive he will just go heli skiing. I have to say that I agree with him. I like the skiing with others meeting new people on the lifts maybe showing someone new to my home mountain a run that they could have missed or being able to watch some hot young kids rip it up on some run. Sure there are problems like getting skied out fast on a Powder Day some brain dead skiers /riders but all in all I do like seeing all kinds of people on mountain and haveing fun.
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Utah49 Your just a people person.

Honestly, if we had money I wouldn't go to a place like that. I love peole, love to mingle.

Places like that are better for celeb's that are trying to get privacy. :
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Hmmmmmmm Demi Moore and me rideing a slow lift chair at the Yellowstone Club. It's a warm spring day. Demi turns to me and says" My Bogner suit is just soooo warm think I'll just unzip....." WAKE UP Utah WAKE UP!
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Warren Miller is tight with high roller corporate types. He and V.P. Cheney are buddies which pretty much sums says it all. It's ironic that he writes articles in SKI about the joys of his youth when he was a poor ski bum, yet what he's really all about is $$$$$$$$.
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